Private Investigator Felons

I know someone who was convicted of a felony, and who wants to be a private investigator. Everything we can find seems to indicate this will not be possible in the US, though.

My question is, is there anything we missed? Are there states where felons can be PI’s? Are there time limits past which felon status no longer matters? Etc.

Never mind, already found the answer on further searching–many states have appeals processes which can waive the non-felon requirement. It helps to have a sponsor.

I assume you’re talking about being a “licensed private investigator” licensed by the state to practice. In that case it can be very tricky but not impossible to achieve for a felon.

One can become an investigator for a business and not have to be a state licensed P.I… Such as being an investigator for an insurance company or working in corporate security for one employer.

Also, in many states one does not need to be licensed to be a process server. In investigations such as skip traces are a natural extension of that profession.

Bounty hunters are also a form of investigator and many states do not have specific licenses for it. But as a felon he would not be able to carry a firearm. In fact, some states do not let felons carry any weapons including pepper spray.

What was the felony, how long ago was it, and how old was he when he did it? Has he considered trying to get a pardon for it?

Preferably one with an action-packed expense account.

(… and all the Boomers get confused. ;))

According to this Cracked article:

Yours Truly - Johnny Dollar.

Didn’t James Rockford do jail time? And it you can’t go by 70s crime shows, what can you go by?

I was waiting for that question - Jimmy was eventually found to be innocent, released, and had his conviction expunged, enabling him to get a PI license. He had the pardon framed on his wall for a while, as I recall.