Private mail box: will form 1583 be sent to my home address?

Just signed up for a private mail box (PMB). I had to fill out USPS form 1583 to make this happen. I received a hardcopy of that form while at the mailbox company, and they apparently keep another copy and mail a third copy to the USPS.

Question: Will the USPS be sending a copy of that filled-out form to my home address? I can’t think of a reason they would - the mailbox company made me show two forms of photo ID before I could sign up - but I wonder just the same.

You didn’t ask when you signed up? Have you contacted the USPS and asked them?

Just signed up a few hours ago; Didn’t occur to me to ask at the time. Will check with USPS tomorrow.

I had a PMB for a few years, and I did not get a copy of that form mailed to my home address. YMMV.