Private well - should I cut the power when away?

Quick question for all you well owners. If you are going to leave your house for a week or so do you kill the power to your well pump?

At 1st this would seem to make sense since if the pipes freeze/break there wouldn’t be a continous stream of water but is there any reason not to kill the power?

I have a well and I always cut the power to the pump if I go away for a few days. One drawback is when my neighbor come in to feed and water the dog. The tank only holds about 20 gallons so she just has to be frugal with using water. I guess I could just shut off the main valve instead of killing the power but sometimes I do both. I’ve had a well for 20 years and never had a problem caused by doing it.

The other drawback I can think of is if my house catches on fire and someone tries to use the hose they’re out of luck.

My family never cuts the pump. Too many things can go wrong, for starters. For seconds…what, you’re saving a dollar? Maybe five? Ten tops?

chique What could go wrong by cutting the power? THat’s what I want to know. I don’t care if the pump runs a bit while i’m away (I don’t know why it should unless the water seaps slowly back into the well), I just don’t want a leak (if it were to develope) to cause a flood inside the house.

No…YOU’RE out of luck.

Unless the well is inside the house, why not regard it just as you would if you were on city water? Would you cut the water off if you were gone a few days? I might kill the power to my pump if I thought there were possibility of freeze damage in my absence. In that situation, I would still have the possibility of broken pipes in the house if I didn’t drain them.

In short, just use common sense and do what’s best in your circumstances.