Pro-defense US congresspeople

I am doing some research, and I am wondering if anyone knows of any congresspeople who are extremely pro-defense. What I’m specifically looking for are congresspeople who believe that there can never be too strong a military. Any input is welcome.


There is such a thing as a “too strong” military force, as proven by the collapse of the Soviet Union. When military spending uses up too much of the gross national product and civil infrastructure begins to collapse, the military is definitely too large. I don’t think that even the most hawkish congresscritters are ignorant of this fact. On the other side of the coin, when domestic spending takes up too much of the gross national product and military strength is eroded to the point that US interests abroad or even our own borders are threatened, the military is too weak. Balance is the key and where that balance lies is a matter of great debate. Those who think we should all beat our swords into plowshares and have no military have gone beyond the realm of wishful thinking and need to return to planet Earth.

Off the top of my head, the most military-friendly Congressman I can think of is Randy “Duke” Cunningham R-California. Cunningham was an accomplished Navy pilot over Viet Nam and comes across as being very pro-military.

Thanks, sewalk.

I understand the need for balance in our country’s defense plan. It’s a shame B-1 Bob (Dornan) isn’t in office anymore :smiley: