Pro-Lifers and Pharmaceuticals

I was told by a college professor that many pro-life organizations receive significant contributions from pharmaceutical companies, the idea being that criminalizing abortions would increases sales of contraceptives. I dismissed it as a sort of urban legend, but I’d still like to check on it. Are non-profit organizations required to disclose their corporate donors? If so, how would I go about following the money?

my company just filed our 990’s for last year, so they were handy to me. and I know that I actually found our 990’s from a couple of years ago listed on a web site (which I naturally cannot find now).

however, according to This,

highlighting mine.

Doesn’t appear as if they are required to tell you. Of course, if there’s a tax expert around here, they may come in and show me up.

Wouldn’t it depend? I mean, there are some like the Catholics who don’t believe in birth control either?

I didn’t say it made complete sense. Catholics that serious about birth control wouldn’t go for an abortion anyway, though. I guess we’re just talking about the liberal and the irreligious who want to avoid a coathanger in a back alley…