Probably my last topic regarding my beef with social and political issues

True, we can only the epidemic doesn’t get too big…

Oh you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Exactly. It has nothing to do with green-eyed Asians or whatever garbage the OP is peddling.

That’s just not nice.

I said exactly what you said.

Isn’t it nice when people with diverse opinions come together and reach an agreement about a topic?


I think the evidence contradicts this as of now.

No. No posing at all. Could you try again to explain about the black men and the white women? Do they get to talk or not? Who is saying that they do or not? What do they get to talk about?

Yes, yes. Mixture is rather the point of the whole thing. NO ONE is only one thing. A person should consider that no one is only one thing when they look at the other person and consider their life circumstances. The whole trying to walk a mile in their shoes thing.

I’m leaving your statement about Dwayne Johnson. The man makes me smile. I don’t think he debunks anything. He is definitely a mixture. Aren’t we all.

ETA: I’m including iiandyiiii’s post again, because maybe you’ll read it this time. Not enough Rock in it, but you can’t have everything.

Maybe they should have called it “n-dimensional Venn-diagramality.”

Carnac the Magnificent: “What cow pastures and Luciano700 posts are full of.”

i was quoting QuickSilver when I typed in bullshit, lmao
Alright, alright sheesh. Is just a dynamic that’s abused from time to time.

Here are the links regarding my 2 statements, regarding men of color and white women

Go take a long walk. You could use some fresh air and exercise.

At least 7 hrs.:wink:

Already did like 3 weeks ago :smiley:

Sure, but now you know how to find the front door so you won’t have to keep circling the house for quite so long trying to find the way inside.

What does your linked information have to do with intersectionality? I think the gist of the message there is that somebody is using criteria for diversity that are limited to race and gender, and overlooking other kinds of diversity. The candidate described does not belong to any minoritized race or gender, so they don’t see any diversity value there.

For one thing, I think they’re using too narrow a description of diversity.

For another thing, I have no idea how accurate this cite is. I’m not even attempting to vet it. I’m setting aside any skepticism on that front.

But you give it as an example of a problem with the idea (the “dynamic”?) of intersectionality. Could you please clue me in? What does the thing you cite have to do with intersectionality? What point are you making?

Cites are good. Let’s move on to how to use them. The first one is from 1997. Usually, I would ask you for something more recent BUT we’re going for technique.

YOU need to tell US what these CITES have to do with your statement. Does it speak to incaercation, race, gender, assault, all of them? Most importantly, what does that have to do with your OP about intersectionality and WHO CAN TALK (still waiting to find out about what).

Yes, we can look at them and read them and get educated. Guess what, like your statement about autistism the other day, a lot of us already have some knowledge. Make your cite pertinent to your argument.

Again, please, what is your belief about POC of color in prison and white women and rape, and their ability to speak, or not speak, or can some of them speak, and about what?

I applaud your efforts but I speak from experience when I say, give up now. Nothing but madness lies beyond.

You can’t walk every 3 weeks and expect any benefit. That’s not gonna do it. I would like to see more dedication on your part.

I am not sure if you are all trying to dodge the bullet here or not, but ok.

Intersectional theorists claim all men and white people one way or the other are privileged and protected regardless if one class dismissed them, but that’s not correct

To imply Hispanic/black men and white woman can benefit from their race or gender vice versa is too much. For God sake’s black men also have the highest infanticide rate and number of high school dropout, yet we are implying they are privileged?