Probably my last topic regarding my beef with social and political issues

I am not an alt-righter, not even close
But I will say I am anti-intersectionality, even some libs find this shit confusing as hell

I will admit intersectionality itself is a very interesting dynamic, since it basically for beginners tends to combine the two most basic human biological classes, I think the dynamic loses its use though when you have to add 100+ classes into the combination. Redundant ones such as right-handed, hazel eyes, extroverted, college-educated, attractvice, etc and it’s overly abused by hardcore intersectionality liberals.
When I post some stats and add an MRA vibe into my posts, that’s not me at ALL trying to pose as an alt righter. Is just me trying to debunk this stupid dynamic. Men of color have the higher incarceration rates, white women make up 90% of sexual assault victims. So do those still get the privilege so to speak?

See, this is why the dynamic fails big time.
Is just a stupid dynamic, I can’t even figure out where I belong myself.

What about mixed race people, can they even qualify for the dynamic? And why obsess with the dynamic when America still has its black vs white racial game anyways…

Also, the intersectionality theory is debunked big time too when perhaps The Rock is more successful than most white guys out there.

What does this mean? Start with the basics and explain it slowly and plainly. Who can or cannot say what to whom about what? Maybe then you can build up to intersectionality.

This is not at all clear. Men can’t talk, or women can’t talk, or what?

I have no idea why the Rock’s success debunks intersectionality, but he is awesome.

Why do you obsess over this junk? There is no way it could be important to your young life, even if it meant anything real. It is total nonsense.
Go back to talking about gaming.

Right, I am just wanting to comprehend a bit of social and political issues.

And just wished people would shut their mouth about it, that’s all I wish :smiley:

Because well according to the intersectionality leftists men have to be white in the first place to be succesful.

You wish people shut up about it? There’s a simple remedy, DON’T READ IT.

And only women can be raped and only POC go to jail, but they should or should not talk about it?

This does not make sense.

Please start over.

I support OP. If OP’s essential point is “intersectionality confuses me,” then I’m *definitely *in agreement.

America today is beset by the struggle of the weak against the powerful, the poor being exploited by the rich, science and common-sense being upended by liars. This is the struggle we should all unite to fight.

I don’t see how dividing South Asian lesbians into green-eyed and brown-eyed camps is the key to political progress. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly, the theory perhaps made more sense back then. But today is been watered and abused by the hardcore of leftists. Funny how we haven’t added human in the mix yet
Straight white cis human male

Most “libs” never give intersectionality a thought. If fact, I’d wager I’ve never seen or heard the word outside of the SDMB, and usually by people complaining about it.

So, in the interest of scienceI googled it. I found nothing objectionable or even controversial about the concept.

You’re raging against an inoffensive minnow. I can’t imagine why.

It isn’t–but it would make an interesting hobby.

Is this satire?

No. You’re apparently obsessed with challenging an obscure and harmless (and somewhat helpful) concept.

your beef, what about your pork, your lamb? i feel like you’re grilling us here…

As far as I can tell, intersectionality is just the concept that various forms of bigotry and marginalization in society can interact with each other in complex ways. I don’t think it tells us any hard and fast rules – by that I mean that it doesn’t say anything like “a black man will always have a more difficult time than a white woman” – it just indicates that these are powerful but also very complex aspects of our society and culture, and get even more complex when they “intersect”, and can be neither described nor addressed simply.

So our OP is just continuing his trend of dismissing entire broad concepts because he doesn’t really understand them, and a handful of people in the fringes sometimes take the ideas and run in stupid directions. Cool.

Oh, the irony.

Oh you :stuck_out_tongue:
If you want to know a perfect example of how destructive and cancerous this dynamic is then look no further than

And again why use the dynamic when Americans still love to act as if blacks and whites are the only 2 races to exist not just in the country, but the entire planet.

Incidents like that one are a fluke, they don’t really affect society very much in a big-picture sense. The graphic you linked to also misspelled the person’s name. Here is a story from the New York Times. The goings-on at a little east-cost liberal arts college bubble are nothing to get too worked up over.

If you try to argue by using a Facebook glurg as a cite, you will get all the respect you deserve.