Probate question (California): legatee's right to examine will

A friend of ours died last September, without any close relative as next of kin, and in her will, she left her house to another friend.

As a matter of interest, if not legal relevance, both friends are women in their mid-60s, both totally blind from birth. No cohabitation was ever involved.

The legatee suspects that the executor has been behaving questionably WRT the deceased’s assets, but doesn’t know how to move forward in looking out for her interests (she has spoken with the attorney who drew up the will, but he apparently represents the executor as her personal attorney).

Does a legatee have a right, in California probate law, to examine the will in which she is a named beneficiary? What would be the chapter and verse for her to cite in requesting a copy? And is there any particular fee she should expect to be charged for such a copy?

Thanks in advance for knowledgeable responses.

As I recall, once the will is submitted to the court for adjudication it becomes a matter of public record, and anyone may see it.