Problem accessing profiles

Over in GQ, I noticed a new poster by the name of Jeremy’s Evil Twin. Since my name is Jeremy, I was curious to know if I had an evil twin, so I tried checking his profile. It led me to a page that indicated I was trying to reregister. The same thing happened on other profile links I tried. I know that I was able to access profiles just a couple hours ago. Anyone else having this trouble?

FWIW, just hit YOUR profile button, and it worked fine. If you hear nothing from me within 5 minutes, mine works too. :wink:

Hey, happy anniversary, J! “March 9, 2000”.


Thanks, I was going to post something about that later today. Where has the time gone?

I think the problem was only with links on that one page. It says “done, but with errors” on the bottom. Probably something with my computer. Anyways, if I refreshed after trying the profile, it showed up. And apparently he’s not my evil twin.