Problem with my surround sound speakers. Help

This happened yesterdayt. Of the five + 1 subwoofer speakers of my system, I noticed that there was no sound from the front right speaker. On investigation I found that my cats had done a pretty good job at gnawing on the connecting cables at separate places, and at one of the locations one of the two wires of the cable was cut right through.

I looked at my cats and they looked back and said, “Why are you looking at us like that? We didn’t do nuthin?”.

Anyways, having shown my indignation, I got down to repair the damage. I cut the whole cable through, spliced it, peeled of the sheath and reconnected the wires. At that moment I realized that I had no insulating tape to keep the two twisted wires apart. To make the best of the situation, I pulled the two twisted ends apart so that pointed in the opposite direction and had a small air gap in between. Everything was fine, there was sound from the speaker, I watched my movie, and went to bed promising myself to remember to get the insulating tape.

Not unusually, this evening I come back having forgotten to bring the tape.

I switch on my TV and, yes you guessed it, the right front speaker is dead again. I get up from my sofa and walk up to the speaker to examine the problem. Yes, you guessed right again. The dumb cats had been at work again, and this time instead of chewing thro the wires, they had managed to bring together the two twisted ends of my yesterday’s handywork.

My speaker is dead again. I tried using the cable of one of the other speakers to see if would help, but the speaker remains silent.

Question time:

What has happened that my speaker does not speak? Did the shorting of the wires do something?

What can I do to get the speaker to speak again? Is there some sort of a fuse or something that might have blown that I can repair myself or is the subwoofer destined to the electronics repair store?

It’s a Panasonic system, if that is of any help.

Thanks in advance.

Shorting the wire wouldn’t have done anything to the speaker, but it could have blown out your amplifier. Try swapping wires from left to right on the back of the amp and verify that it’s the amp circuitry and not the speaker that’s not working. Then send it to your Panasonic dealer for repair (or if it’s a cheap amp, just replace it. Repairs are often not worth it on cheap consumer electronics).

BTW, you should go to the bet store and get some ‘bitter apple’ and wipe your speaker cables with it. Now that your cats have decided they like chewing your cables, they’ll do it forever and the problem will keep coming back. Pour some bitter apple or other repellent on a cloth, then just run it down the length of the speaker wire. Cats hate the taste, and after one or two nibbles you shouldn’t have a problem again.