Problems stopping Lipitor cold turkey?

I’ve been on Lipitor daily ever since a heart attack/cardiac catheterization/stent done 2 1/2 years ago. My lipid profile has always been excellent, but my cardiologist said that a study suggested that statins increased the survival time following stent placement for the year after the procedure regardless of lab values. I took Lipitor even though I’ve had muscle pains.

When I went for my one year followup, my copay was outrageous (more than they charged for uninsured patients) and all my doctor did was ask if I was free of angina symptoms (I was/am) and listen to my heart. I spent less than five minutes with the doctor after a two hour wait.

So, I do not plan on returning to the cardiologist. My PCP just acts as a gateway for referral, he will not discuss what the cardiologist prescribed.

I run out of Lipitor in a few days. Are there contraindications to stopping, assuming normal lipid values?

No problems with abrupt discontinuation. Just expect your lipid levels to rise again now that your liver can ramp back up to full production.

You need a better primary care doc, though. I manage most of my patients’ basic cardiac needs, including after MI/angioplasty etc. If it gets too complex, then I refer.

A pity, what primary care has come to these days.

My last “numbers” were so low, my PCP was concerned. Prior to being on a statin, they were always excellent.

We’ve talked about this, and his position is that he has been forced into this style of practice by the marketplace/managed healthcare/etc. He is nearing retirement and a very nice guy.

I’d bring you my business, if it weren’t for the downside of incarceration.:smiley: