Problems with my tv

Heya. I have a samsung smart tv (model UN40ES6100). I was messing around on its menu a few days ago and found out that I could upgrade my tvs firmware from 001016 to 001018. I did it… Netflix died. I bought the tv mostly for netflix. How fucking ironic. Tried to upgrade it again. Guy in tech support told me to use an usb stick. No luck. The tv does not detect the upgrade, although I did the procedure correctly. In fact, tried it 7 times. Tried to upgrade the tv again, now I am
On firmware 001020. No netflix yet. Help!!

Well The firmware update either works or reverts, and its unlikely to need to be redone.

But you can always reset the Smarthub… Its config is downloaded from the internet,
and controlled by samsung , they can add or delete apps as they wish…

So reset it to delete its cache and hopefully the download and install of the netflix app will cause it to re-appear (and hopefully you don’t lose anything else.)
Here’s how to reset

tried it already. No penny. :frowning: