Processed food-how do you doctor it up?

Like canned soups, frozen pizzas, etc.

I recently learned that Spaghetti-Os can be improved upon by adding a metric ton of garlic powder while cooking. Ditto canned cream of potato soup-garlic powder, romano cheese. Damn, that’s good!

What do you do?

I add fake bacon bits to my jarred alfredo sauce.

Last night I made a delicious Freschetta frozen pizza (which are among the better brands to begin with). It was a four-cheese pizza with sauce INSIDE the crust, and I topped it with fresh diced tomatoes, roasted red peppers (from a jar), a generous shaking of minced dried onion, and fresh basil leaves. Made something good even better.

I add sriracha sauce to pretty much any packaged Asian soup, because they tend to err strongly on the bland side and sriracha is delicious and doesn’t clash with much.

Garlic and Chilli/Sweet Chilli sauce are my staples for tarting up something out of a can or a jar.

Frozen potato wedges usually get a hearty spray of garlic-olive-oil and/or some peri-peri salt I, uh, liberated from the local portugese chicken joint.