Anyone using these guys?

I work in education, and I’ve been instructed to base a passage for student essay responses on information from their page on cell phones. I’m having misgivings about doing so.

On the one hand, everything about them appears above the board. They are considered reliable by a variety of government agencies on issues like medical marijuana, and report thousands of schools using them as a reliable source for student research projects.

However, their cell-phone page seems a textbook example of false balance. The American Cancer Institute roundly rejects claims linking cell-phones to canceras lacking scientific support. But many of the claims of anti-cellphone advocated are repeated on in what seems to be a textbook example of “teaching the controversy”. After all, if there weren’t a “con,” the “procon”.org couldn’t exist, right?

So what have people’s experience been with this website. Are they fair? Reliable? Accurate? Let me know!