Product brands associated with noted crimes or fiction?

This is a spinoff of a current thread on the Labatt company foolishly attempting to get its name un-linked in the public mind (courtesy of a news photo) with a human-being-chopper-upper guy. The Streisand Effect is being exhibited nicely.

From there we have:
Body cutter-upper/Labatt
Heaven’s Gate suicide cult/Nike sneakers
Jonestown suicide-murder cult//Kool-Aid (which has got to be the champion)
There must be other crime or celebrity fusses in places that never spread, but are interesting. Eg, to me that Canada dude is just some local story (from some far-away distant land).

So, to explain hed: Either in reality or fiction some products with their brand names are associated with crimes, significant events, or persons.

They should figure quite strongly. Only later in the 20th century–Ulysses being a famous exception (already upon publication)–did brand names figure in fiction. I think. Modern fiction is chock-block with them in passing. Brett Ellison or Seinfeld–eh, leave them out.

The linkage

James Bond/Aston Magna

is an important part of his character.

The linkage

ET/Reese’s Pieces

although based on product placement, works because it defines immediately a child-like relationship, and happens to be a great work of art. (Aston Magna I think may be from the author and not a business deal.)
ETA: If this gets too fiction-y, it’ll get bounced to Cafe Society, so for the time being let’s keep it real.

Not exactly a brand name, but Charles Manson was inspired by the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter.”

Ayds diet candy. Not associated with a crime, but the brand went out of business because of the negative association.

I forgot to bucket over from the OP-cited thread:

OJ Simpson/Bruno Maglie shoes

The Tylenol poisonings in 1982.

Remind me…?

Except it wasn’t Kool-Aid it was Flavor Aid.

You don’t remember?!

Of course, Kool-Aid does have this (but not quite crime, at the time, and not quite fiction).

A bit of a stretch, but serial killer Peter Dinsdale changed his name to Bruce George Peter Lee, or simply Bruce Lee for short, in homage to Bruce Lee.

If you seek out any information on Milwaukee’s Ambrosia Chocolate Factory, you will also get information on their former employee Jeffery Dahmer.

Charter Arms .44 Bulldog will forever be linked to the Son of Sam.

FYI, thread cited in the OP is a year old.

The Twinkie defense.

Casey Anthony and Xanax.

Nitpick: you mean Aston Martin. Aston Magna is a big house. It’s not really an important part of the character, either; Astons were just most commonly the cars he drove in the films. In the novels he didn’t have a personal company car at all to begin with; MI6 had a pool of Jaguar saloons and Aston DB4s.

That’s the first thing I thought of as soon as I saw the thread title.

Luby’s took a bit of a hit for a while after 1991.

Also Ford Bronco. For some reason, the brand of the infamous gloves didn’t become well known. Not sure why not.

They didn’t fit.

Also, Oswald used a Mannlicher rifle, which I always thought sounded kind of gay.

Bonnie and Clyde were rather fond of Fords and supposedly even wrote Henry Ford a letterpraising them for use as a getaway car.

There’s been some FBI investigation of the possibility that the Tylenol poisoner was Ted Kaczynski, btw.

And let’s not forget the Craigslist Killer.