Products that, for you, have strange associations

The stroopwafel thread got me thinking: I have only ever had one of those on an airplane so I associate it with flying and airplanes. Similarly, I have only ever read USA Today while was staying in a hotel so just seeing one makes me think of hotels and travel. They are firmly connected in my mind but have no real connection.

Are there any products that way with you? You connect them with something they have no real connection to?

Madonna’s song* Material Girl* always makes me think of asteroids because I was reading the Heechee Saga while they played it over and over on the radio.

C.J. Cherryh books make me think of fever and disorientation because I read a lot of her books while sick.

I was in the local dollar store I stumbled upon those classic Windmill cookies. I hadn’t had those since I was seven and my mom was sick and my sister and I were taken care of by my grandma… (now if I’d found Ovaltine at the same store, I would’ve dissolved into total nostalgia).

ETA: Okay, not a weird connection… but a very emotional one!
More on topic: foggy days and robots, due to staying late at the middle school library if it was rainy, and reading Asimov short stories in the stacks.

One Christmas in elementary school I received two gifts: the Beatles’ Rubber Soul album and the Tolkien trilogy. I spent that entire Christmas break playing one and reading the other, so to me, Rubber Soul will forever be the soundtrack of Middle Earth.

Not a product, but I associate the douchey (both him and the song) Billy Idol’s White Wedding with the impatience of waiting in lines.
Eons ago while waiting in the biggest line-up to sign up for college courses, some lipo-gibbon decided to blast that song over and over on his ghettoblaster that was perched on his shoulder, rewinding the fucking thing back to the beginning every time.

Yes, audiotapes.

Which I still like, actually.