Prof fired for saying talking snakes should not be taken literally

From: Prof says he was fired over Bible reference

Even though Bitterman was fired two days later, the college’s president lied through her teeth and stated:

I’m speechless. Make that, I’m free speechless.

“threatened legal action” for what exactly?

What a bunch of fuckwits.

“I can assure you that college understands our employees’ free speech rights,” she said. “There was no action taken that violated the First Amendment.”

That statement alone is highly suspect in the motive of the firing.

The instructor says he was fired because of the talking snakes thing. A lady from the administration says he was fired for some other reason.

That is pretty much all we know from that article. Which seems to me to mean we don’t know much of anything.


Huh what? Why does her saying “There was no action taken that violated the First Amendment,” in and of itself, make you suspect there was an action taken that violated the First Amendment?


You’re right. That’s very perceptive of you. Why, he could have murdered half the campus on Wednesday!


Because it’s like firing the only 50 black guys in a group of 500 people and stating:

“I can assure you that college understands our employees’ civil rights,” she said. “There was no action taken that violated their civil rights.”

It’s just highly suspect is all.

And besides, this is the pit. Jumping to conclusions without any facts is great fun.

Hmm… the Prof confirms he referred to a “fairy story”, and that students complained his was “denigrating” their religious beliefs.

So he might not have been fired for what he said, but the way he said it?

If he’d said to a teenager “you dopey fuck, do you seriously believe a bunch of shitty fairy tales taught to you by some in-bred, mouth-breathing paedo-preists?” then that would be grounds for dismissal.

From: Teacher: College fired me for Bible lesson

From: US teacher fired for non-literal bible reading

That would have been grounds for a standing ovation. YMMV

Huh? In a college setting? Why? On what grounds? I can’t wait for you to justify that. Poor taste or poor language is not grounds for dismissal. Why are you trying to defend the school?

But seriously, there’s zero reason to think he did anything of the kind. Let’s not invent fantasy straw men just to knock them down.

Maybe the dean is a Parselmouth?

Had to look that one up…

What all do you get to mock openly without reprisal?

Can you mock any supernatural beliefs? Openly ridicule Native American Great Spirit nonsense?
Belief that all populations are genetically equal despite a total absence of evidence for that?

I think some decorum is a reasonable requirement, and absence of same can be cause for dismissal. ( I am not saying absence of decorum applies here…I know nothing of this particular case.)

Fuck off dipshit… there’s every reason to suspect he did something of the kind, seeing as he got his ass fired. The school say it wasn’t for what he said, so there’s no reason to believe the Professor over the school (at this point).

And I dunno what kind of shitty school you went to, but poor language is certainly grounds for dismissal - teachers are expected and required to act in a professional manner. Free speech and academic discourse operates within those constraints. You really going to argue otherwise? :dubious:

Anything. ANYTHING! That’s what the First Amendment says, ferbob’ssake! And that’s what academic freedom allows, also.

At the college level, yes!

At the college level, yes!

At the college level, yes!

At the college level, yes!

Remind me never to seek a professor’s job at – or even attend – a college that you’re the president of!

Asshat. A professor says that the story of the Garden of Eden shouldn’t be taken literally, that it’s a fairy tale, then some students threaten the university, then he is fired two days later and you actually believe the Podunk Community College president when she says it doesn’t have anything to do with free speech? And you actually are so fucking stupid that you believe her? Damn, you’re gullible!

You stoopid fucking brainless asswipe! The school did NOT “say it wasn’t for what he said”. They said they could not comment on personnel matters, shit for brains! I quote once again:

It’s painfully obvious you never went to college!

Hell, yes, you ignorant fucktard! **“Free speech … operates within those constraints”?? ** Thank Bob I don’t live in Iran with you!

I had university profs who used obscenities and university profs who preached literal Genesis in their Chemistry 101 course! Some people complained, and the most the university would permit was for them to drop the course or try to arrange a different prof for their course.

When I saw the thread title I just HAD to open it because I was incredulous that a college professor would get fired over… HARRY POTTER!

Am I the only one?

My bad.


A different perspective:
Students: Teacher’s style, not faith, led to firing

I wonder if this was a one-off incident or whether this is a culmination of several separate events?

“A little acerbic”, huh? Translation: “I’m an arogant, self-opinionated tosser”.

“Go pop a prozac” is not a critical assessment of an argument.

Well, he would say that wouldn’t he :dubious:

Maybe the students were thin-skinned, but it looks like (suprise, suprise) there’s two sides to this story.

Is too.