Prof. of Philosophy, lifelong atheist, 81, concedes yes to God no to afterlife.

I think it’s funny because of its nature as an argument from authority. It’s like people don’t realize that if you tell a non-believer that Joe Athiest is now born-again the non-believer will say, “So what?”

I’ve heard the proclivity is particularly endemic with creationists: There is a rumor that Darwin renounced evolution on his deathbed. Even if it was true, it is baffling that one would think that a deathbed proclimation would negate all the evidence in Darwin’s research and writings.

I wish I had a really funny way to say that.

sigh This is why, sometimes, I hate the internet. Follow up story which shows the original story was false:

Why the long face, there? Are you hating the internet for the initial rumor, or for the followup debunking?

I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. It looks to me like he’s admitting that it’s just a god of the gaps. My philosophy professor badgered me into accepting the “first cause” god on the condition that she knew I accepted it only in this manner. I think that’s all he’s doing.

sigh This is why, sometimes, I hate Opera Internet Browser. I open windows the background and forget about them. Two hours later, when I decide to reply and forget to refresh, I make myself look like an ass.

I think that article dates from 2001, but here is a later update.

Hmm, rather looks as though the rumour surfaced before and certain interest groups rush to pick up on it. Quelle surprise! :rolleyes: Heheh, but I don’t think I’d put any money on his makinbg a deathbed conversion. :slight_smile:

That article does date to 2001, and he has conceded yes to God. Read to the bottom, folks!

Hardly a concession to god there.

That article is three years old.

In the 2004 update, Flew is quoted as saying he does not think he would ever say that god probably exists.