Prof. of Philosophy, lifelong atheist, 81, concedes yes to God no to afterlife.

Worth noting is his prior acquaintance with C.S. Lewis and his age–81. Two questions come to mind - did he find Lewis’ conversion inspiring, and, has he heard of deathbed repentance? (tongue-in-cheek)

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It’s okay because he’s still mostly an atheist?

To paraphrase: Flew is only influential as long as he is an atheist.

Seriously, it would be interesting to track how he progressed from atheism to a “minimal God” viewpoint.

He’s 81. He’s hedging his bets.

Cool. Now I do believe in UFOs. I can’t think of any other way to explain those lights in the sky, thus they are extraterresterial intelligent astronauts. Minimal extraterresterial intelligen astronauts, of course.

Odd that as a lifelong atheist he doesn’t seem to realize that all he’s proposing is another varient on the classic “God of the gaps”.

And as a humanities professor, I really don’t think he qualified to be making pronouncements on what is or is not possible in a highly technical and specialized field like biochemistry.

Wikipedia if anyone needs. (Perhaps, not having had access to Wikipedia for most of his life, he never heard of it :slight_smile: )

[RIGHT]God bless the GFDL[/RIGHT]

Can’t wait to see how many people chime in to say “Oh well, he’s 81. Getting a little loopy.”

If not “loopy” then possibly “poopy”. Definitely “droopy”.

Hang on, Sloopy!

There are indeed many reasons to believe in G-d. But, for heavens sake, to justify the origin of life IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

A snippet of conversation I had yesterday with a fundie co-worker –

Her: <rather smugly> “Have you heard? Antony Flew now says he believes in God”.
Me: “He said he now believes in God. I think he made it quite clear, however, that it is not your God”.

She was less than appreciative.
Still, I enjoy working with her. I may not agree with many of her beliefs, but she’s got a passion and thirst for knowledge about them which I admire.

Now what I don’t understand in all of this is that people conclude that the universe is so improbable that some super-intelligence must have had a hand in creating it. But how the hell does such a super-intelligence come into being, how was god created? Isn’t that even more improbable?

What you want to bet she’d never heard of Flew (I hadn’t) until this glurge started circulating.

I’ll call it even money, Homebrew. When she believes in something, she studies it pretty well from all sides. I can see her having read some of Flew’s writing in the past (although she did refer to him as “Anthony”).

Mr. Flew reminds me of W. C. Fields, who, when seen near the end of his life reading a Bible, explained that he was “looking for loopholes.”

IIRC, when Machiavelli was on his deathbed the Pope asked him if he wanted to renounce the devil and his evils and Machiavelli replied, “This is no time to be making enemies.”

(Or something like that.)

Of course, the AP, bless their little cotton socks, have headlined the story, “Famous Atheist Now Believes in God.”

Which begs the question: just because one more person believes in a god doesn’t make a god start existing.