Profane, not work- or family-friendly: Winnebago Man!

I have to wonder if at least parts of the words were doctored, but a lot of the gestures match his tone perfectly. I’m just mystified by the use of the word “fern.”


I started a thread on this subject myself, but it sank like a stone:

What’s the deal with the “Winnebago Man” video?

I still wonder if the audio was redubbed later, because it seems much clearer than what I’d think they’d have been able to get with a clip-on mic. I’m also surprised that no one seems to know who “Winnebago Man” really is.

Looks like this one could sink, too.

And now I seem to have a plug-in problem…

I get the page, but the video doesn’t play.

Tried it with Firefox 0.9.2, IE 6.0, & Opera 7.23.

Video not working for me either.

I tried it with both Mozilla and M$IE.

Apparently the QuickTime code calls for a plugin that isn’t accessable or doesn’t exist.

Any way to download the movie somewhere?


Stileproject dot com has it available for download this month (about halfway down in their “Holy Fucking Vids” section).

WARNING! This site is extremely unsafe for work. Lots and lots of naked people doing things that range from sexy to stuff that would make goatse and tubgirl lose their lunches.

A Google on “Winnebago Man” will probably turn up plenty of sites with the clip.

Ehhh, can you elaborate? I may have just changed my mind about wanting to see this.

Well, most of the page is filled with links to porno sites and their own photos, which seem to follow the philosophy of, ‘if big is good, impossibly huge is even better!’

Winnebago Man is pretty clearly marked, though.

“Winnebago Man” has NO porn in it. I don’t know what y’all were looking at, but WM is a little movie that appears to be a quasi-documentary of a man trying to narrate a Winnebago ad. It’s a hot day, he’s uncomfortable, keeps forgetting his lines, and swears a lot. It is NOT a porno.

Sorry about the glitch…It was playing just fine over the past few weeks and now it won’t work at all. I will keep trying, though.