Professional movers: Who to use? Who to avoid?

Who are the good movers, and who are the bad?

The Vunder clan will be moving to coastal Virginia soon, and I sure as hell don’t want to do the work myself, especially if my new employer will pick up the tab. Moving was fun when I could get all I own into a Pinto or small pickup, but now it will require a semi.

Advice, pullleeeeaaaze.

I’ve moved twice in the past two years (Texas to North Carolina, North Carolina to Kentucky) and used professional movers each time.

The second time, I used Mayflower who did an excellent job, worked quickly, picked up and delivered when they said they would, AND came in under the quoted price!

(The Mayflower company I contracted with was based out of Va Beach.)

I’ll not mention who I used before, but will mention that my experience with them was the complete opposite of my experience with Mayflower, whom I now love.

I’ve moved, cross country, many, many times. (Dad was a military man.)

We always used Alied. When moving as an adult, I still use Alied.

I’ve had nothing but positive results.

Just look for someone bonded and insured. As you’re not paying you might as well go for the deluxe package. (You can have the movers pack your stuff for you and they will cover any damages to your stuff - if you pack yourself this is not alwasy the case.)

At one point in my life I moved 11 times in 11 years and have moved a couple more times since then: local, cross-country, international.

Locally, I’d usually just use those “student mover” or “2 guys with a truck” types.

For LD, the best I ever used was Paul Arpin. They really took the extra care.

Of course a lot depends more on the crew than the company, which is why pizza and soda and the promise/hint of $20/guy at the end of the day for “beer money” (or whatever) seems to go a long was as well.

If you’re paying for this move yourself, I’ve found the most economical way to go is to pack the non-breakables yourself (“PBO” = packed by owner), and have the movers pack the breakables. (They’re not responsible for breakage if you pack it). Then they move everything for you.

I’ve used Graebel and been quite pleased with their service.