Professional vulcan oven in my kitchen?

I am remodelling in my kitchen and thinking about getting a restaurant quality Vulcan stove.

Specifically something like this:

The house I grew up in was owned by restaurant suppliers before we moved in. It had one of these.

I note that this one is “is not intended or approved for home use.”

What do I have to do to have one of these legally and safely installed without invalidating my insurance?

Can I even do it?

Depends on whether it’s a restaurant-style stove or a real restaurant stove (by looking at your link, looks like it’s the real thing to me).

Source: Bouknight, Joanne Kellar. The Kitchen Idea Book, © 1999, p. 160.

That Vulcan is ugly.

Get an AGA. Only twice the price! And they have to assemble it (all cast-iron!) in your kitchen.

I want one. Badly.

They are heavy too (835 lbs.), make sure the floor can take it safely.

Would installing one of these in your home qualify as…

(wait for it)
Highly Illogical? :wink:
Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

Generally these stoves will invalidate your homeowners insurance and may also not be allowed by building codes. The lack of insulation on the stove requires special, non-combustible construction (think: big fireplace in which to stick the stove) to prevent you from burning down the house. The entire stove also becomes dangerously hot to the touch, so its a hazard for small kids or people who accidentally bump into it. Either way, its too much potential liability for insurance companies so there is usually an exclusion for thes types of stoves in the policy.

Which is too bad, 'cause they’re great to cook on…

Another issue is fumes. A stove of that size is capable of so much cooking at one time that code may require you to install super duper restaurant-style fume hoods over the stove to ensure aqequate ventilation.

Viking and Wolf make similar type of ranges that are ok for residential use. Of course, you’ll probably want a similar style hood over that. Broan makes a nice one that isn’t too expensive.

<In My Humble Opinion>

These are nice. My wife had a 48" Viking in her old house, and wanted one (a six burner) in our newly remodeled kitchen. Notice that these are thousands of dollars more than a 30" 4 burner range. So it seemed to me that we were planning on paying big bucks for two extra burners we’d use about 10% of the time. We compromised and installed a 36" five burner gas cooktop, and a single 30" built in convection oven - Total cost of about $1,600. So we have a nice kitchen that looks a bit more upscale than one with a 30" range, but didn’t pay a huge amount for something we’d rarely use. Of course, the kitchen is just being finished, so I guess we’ll see how it turns out.

But a range like the Viking is nice. You’ll like it.

</In My Humble Opinion>