shows the names of radical professors on US campuses

It is a powerful webpage (mentioned on Fox News in late 2016, that’s where I heard of it) that needs more coverage and attention. Check it out.
As to the debate. Do you agree or disagree that it offers valuable information? I say it does!

Who the fuck taught you what a debate is?

Given the pathetic reasoningbehind adding some of these folks to the list, I’d say it will be worse than useless. It will be used as a cite by far right television opinioneers to “discredit” anyone with whom they disagree. And they will bank on the fact that their constituency will never check the bona fides of the site.

The site also lacks any discernible criteria for additions. There should be a rigorously vetted list of criteria with a direct and well-marked link. Without that, the site is useless even to those who wish to make use of it.

Gotta be ready when the purge order comes.

Until then, there’s always “Second Amendment remedies”.

Oooh. Hope I’m on it.

Or this guy who dared to suggest that capitalism has also been the root of war, death, and strife.

Wow, such horribly radical professors! Clearly they need to be catalogued as such.


How about a merge before the purge?

I’ll bet I am, from that time I taught an algebra class about square roots.

Radical professors? I know everybody has their priorities, but who’s got time for radical professors when there’s a lunatic in the Oval Office??

I agree, it is very useful. It tells us that a fair percentage of right wing supporters esp. in the USA don’t think very much, and have poor critical thinking skills. Granted this is already very well generally known.

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This sort of thing isn’t appropriate in Great Debates.

That said…

Ned, I want you to try a bit harder to frame your debates. Choose a side, explain it and explain why you prefer it.

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