Program stops responding ... takes forever to end

When a program stops responding, sometimes Windows will offer you an opportunity to “End Now.” How come it takes freaking forever for the program to actually close after you’ve chosen that option?

If you look at your list of processes in the Task Manager, you’ll often find one called “dumprep.exe” after choosing “End Now”. It’s a tool preparing a report on what crashed, and what it was doing at the time, to send back to Microsoft. The crashed program won’t go away until dumprep finishes, and it can be a CPU hog–between that and the crashed program, the whole mess can just sit there for a long time.

Of course, if you have no intention of letting it send a report to MS anyway, you can just go to Task Manager->Processes and kill the dumprep process. That should make both the dump and the crashed program go away at once.

Any way to deactivate it globally?

Really. It’s just wasting my time if I’m not sending in a report anyway.

Maybe try deleting it, or giving some innocuous program the same name.

Actually, I believe there is a more official way: See Disable Dumprep.exe in XP and Turn off Error Reporting in Vista