Program trying to access e-mail addresses

After installing Adobe Acrobat 6.0 from a CD, I now get the following message when I click on “New” in MS-Outlook [Note: and [text] indicate check and dialog boxes]:

“Help” isn’t very helpful. It says I can allow or deny access, but there is no option to make it stop asking.

I’ve run Ad-aware 6 and Spybot Search and Destroy twice, but I still get the message. I don’t know if installing Adobe Acrobat has anything to do with it.

Anyone know what’s up? :confused:

The problem (if it is one) would be caused by a virus, not spyware, so Ad-Aware wouldn’t help. I doubt Acrobat would do it, though if you have a Palm Pilot, you will routinely get the warning when you hotsync and it can be ignored.

This occurs when you install the security update to Outlook. However, before you turn it off, go to and run their online virus scan to see if you’re infected.

I run Norton AntiVirus every day. No viruses found. I’ll try housecall when I get to work tomorrow. (I don’t use Outlook at home.)

It’s strange that the message started appearing immediately after installing Acrobat.

Problem solved. In the e-mail preferences, the box saying to use MS-Word to compose e-mail was checked. Funny, I never got the message before. Anyway, the box is unchecked and I’m not getting the message anymore.