Programming language: V-Plus, what is it?

“[Ideal candidate will have] knowledge of V-Plus, V-Basic and NT-Admin.”

Well, I guess I’m screwed since I’ve never even heard of V-Plus. All I can gather from searching is that V-Plus is some kind of special HP-Unix related language/script/platform. It also appears to sometimes be denoted as “V/plus”.

What is it? What is it primarily used for? How much does it cost and where can I get one? Thanks a bunch.

It’s probably a dumb shortening of “[Microsoft] Visual C++”, considering that right after it comes “V[isual] Basic”.


There is a commercial cost accounting package called Contractor V Plus, see here for more information - the link includes a free trial download.

It is also the HP Data Entry and Forms Management System (VPLUS), more information available here
(It is also a Russian canned drink, but I do not think it will replace Jolt in the software environment).

That’s what I thought at first as well, but then I poked around a bit. Thanks for the link johncole, I’m sure they were talking about the HP Form Management System, as they mention “Forms Designer” elsewhere in the notice.

Maybe I should now check whether V-Basic means Visual Basic or some kind of Basic for System V Unix.

I suspect they mean