Project S.C.U.M.

Is there such a project? I suppose was there such a project. My BS detector is going off big time and I was wondering if it had any validity (My BS detector that is).

that’s a start for you lots of pages there, i have no idea what project scum is but hopefully this helps

S.C.U.M. stands for Sub-Culture Urban Market. Supposedly it was the Tobacco Companies’ plan of marketing cigs. to homosexuals and the homeless.

Obviously, they’re going through their list of target markets alphabetically. Humorists, watch out!

Are you talking about Valerie Solanas and the “Scum Manifesto”?

I’m actually referring to what Amp said. I want to know if it holds any water.

It was mentioned on one of those “the truth” anti-tobacco-company commercials. Here’s one reference:

Those people seem to think it’s real. They claim that the actual document can be found on RJR’s website by searching for “Project Scum,” but I wasn’t able to find it. See for yourself: has something that looks like it might be it:

I wonder what exactly that commercial was trying to prove, but I guess that’s more of a GD topic than a GQ topic.

::comes in expecting S.C.U.M. Manifesto discussion::

Oh. Charming.


The only “Truth” they’re spewing is their own version. Not that I am inclined to defend the tobacco companies but they have their side too which is convienently left out of the “truth.”

Looks like an absolute fraud to me;

  1. National firms seldom prepare elaborate marketing presentations for the penetration of miniscule urban markets (San Francisco is a small market, the homeless have no money, and there’s not a word about expanding this research to New York).

  2. National firms almost always have their freakin’ “Property of RJR Whosits” on their Powerpoint presentations, and their logo on every page.

I have no idea whether this is real or not, but the instructions were to search the “R. J. Reynolds document” website. If you go to RJR’s home page and click on “Site Map,” you get a page with all of the company’s internal and external pages. Way down at the bottom of the second column of links is the RJR Documents link that goes to a completely different website:

Now, I was unable to get that page to load, but someone who wants to pursue the issue needs to begin there.

Isn’t that truth group owned by Phillip Morriss?

“And it makes me wonder…”

No, not really. :rolleyes:

They’re just trying to say “this project’s acronym is scum… THEY MUST THINK YOU’RE SCUM!!!”, assuming it exists.

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised. As a result of lawsuits, I think Phillip Morris is supposed to dedicate a certain amount of money to anti-smoking campaigns. It seems like a stroke of genius on their part to create commercials that are nominally anti-smoking, but really annoy the shit out of people and remind us of how we hate militant anti-smokers.

Duh. Thanks, tomndebb. This is on the R. J. Reynolds document website:

They wouldn’t have the document if it weren’t real. So there you have it, Meatros: There really was a Project SCUM.

Hmm…I wonder if I’m happy about that… :smiley: On the one hand, it means the “Truth” people weren’t all out lying about it and on the other hand-it actually existed.