Projectors for video games

Hello everyone, I hooked up my xbox and have been running it on a 32 in LG but have seen people doing high definition on projectors and would like to upgrade. Is Amazon a good place to look? I’m not shelling out 200+ on one, but I know I need to buy the screen too. What have you guys had experience with? I’m looking for something that can do as close to 1080p with no lag but the bottom line is I want 100$ to be my price point. I’ve never had experience with these things, what do you think?

Pay very close attention to how long the lamps last and how expensive the lamps are.

If you’re not willing to shell out 200+ on a projector then you won’t get one that’s got a fast enough frame rate to cope with video games. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

Yeah, $100 just isn’t enough of a budget.

Can you link me to one you’d buy?