Prom, Complete with The Parents From Hell...

I’m a sophomore in high school, and my boyfriend’s a junior. He invited me to prom. My curfew on weekends is normally 11. Prom is from 8-12pm on a Saturday night. My parents want me home at 12:30-1am. I think this is unfair, considering I won’t be participating in anything illegal.

I’m a responsible kid-I’m in several extracurricular academic clubs and make above average grades. I don’t smoke or drink or do drugs and I don’t swear in front of my parents. My friends (the ones I bring home) are all good kids, terrific role models for the little ones, and I even turn down my horrible “Devil’s” music when my mom comes in the room. How late should I be able to say out? And what can I tell my parents to assure them that I won’t be doing the traditional drink-till-you’re-piss-drunk and screw thing?

Ummmm. Tell them what you would be doing I guess.

Staying out all night is overrated anyway. Why not get home at a reasonable hour and make a date to do something the next day?

Save the debauchery for your Senior Prom. You want something to look forward to!

They’re extending your usual curfew for the special occasion – what’s wrong with that? I think they were more than fair, considering that you’re only – what? 15 or 16? They’re parents, and they’re doing their job. If they were really the parents from hell, they wouldn’t let you go at all.

Enjoy the prom, and be glad you have a boyfriend to invite you to it and parents who love you enough to want you home at a decent hour.

Scarlett-thanks for the reply. Taken into consideration. :slight_smile:
The only real hellish part about it is the harrassment they give me about it.

as the parent from hell of an almost 17 year old young male about to go to his first prom, I’ll just stand over here taking notes…

erm, ** Wring **, I just hope you’re not my boyfriend’s parents. :slight_smile:

well, Searching since my son has assured me, over and over, that the young lady he’s going with is a ‘friend’ not a ‘girlfriend’, I hope so too, given your OP :smiley: (seriously, we’re in Lansing MI, so probably not)

(and to give you some balance, I almost wasn’t allowed to go to the prom at all since ‘your sister was 16 before we let her go out on a date…’ ) they’re giving you, what 5 hours at the prom? trust me, that’s a whole lot of time, especially since you’ll go out before hand etc.

Would they go for you having an after prom get together at your house? (see how mean I am to other parents?)

12:30-1:00 seems a little rushed since the prom ends at 12:00. If you are not going to stay out all night, tell your parents that you and some of your friends might want go for ice cream, or coffee, or hambugers, or whatever it is you all might do together and ask if them if they will extend it to 1:30-2:00.

Amen, cher3. Amen.

Hey wring, I’m a senior in high school. I’m 18, and my senior prom is coming up. I’m going to be drinking that night, getting piss drunk. Then I’m probably gonna engage in some illicit activities. Come on, it’s a rite of passage! Let the kid have a good time!

In all seriousness though…

Make sure he’s got protection!

ducks and runs


DLD…-shakes head and tries to stile a grin- I’ll pass that on. I er, appreciate your concern.

It’s the prom, for crying out loud. They need to let you out later than that. OK, I actually didn’t go to Junior Prom, but what do I know. I say it’s just one night a year, parents should let the kids out late.

Man, it’s easy. The prom is overblown anyway. Just go eat the dinner, take the photo for evidence that you were actually there and duck out by 9:00 pm. That’ll give you a few hours to participate in some real debauched and crazed sex before going home. After all, it’s the curfew that’s important.

Alternatively, you could do a hit of acid just before you’re date is going to arrive. You’ll probably be straight by the time you get home.

Seriously, have a talk with your parents. Tell 'em the above, and that you’re a good kid and this is one of those nights they should really trust you and cut a little slack.