Prom Night Couples We'd Like To See

Duncan Hines & Betty Crocker.

It’s a big dance floor. Anyone else?



The Pillsbury dough boy and a Keelber elf.

*Keebler elf

Sorry fellow dopers, my mind is elsewhere today

Brittney Aguleira and the president of the chess club.

Cecil and Marilyn Vos Savant.

Come for the romance, stay for the fireworks.

Ahnold and a Kennedy. no wait!

George W. Bush and Molly Ivins.

Pat Robertson and Queen Latifa.

Cartooniverse and Betty Boop

Me and a woman.
(couldn’t go to my proms because I couldn’t get a date :frowning: )

hugs Zebra, if you would like to relive the god-awful high school times, I can make a mock prom and I will invite you to be my date.

Zebra and Gazelle! :smiley:

Wendy and Colonel Sanders

Dubya and Gore. THAT would be interesting.

Barbie and Stretch Armstrong.