Promoting a business in Chicago

For members in Chicago, I’d like to get some ideas or advice.

Last year I started a resume business. Had some pretty good initial success, but my main two sources of business were Craigslist and putting brochures in Jewel Stores.

Both of those have dried up. Jewel has taken down the racks where people could put such fliers, and Craiglist has become unusable because the guys who have offices and charge $100.00 for a resume don’t much like competing with a guy working out of his house and charging $25.00. So they flag anyone who shows up.

So I’m looking for alternative sources of advertising that don’t cost a lot of money.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Try putting up flyers at college union buildings or bookstores. College students are frequently looking for jobs.

Invest in a web site and put yourself on Yelp. Word of mouth helps, too. I just started a freelance IT business sort of thing, and that helped…I think Yelp was a big help because I got a couple of five-star reviews from prior customers, and I was getting a few more calls who said they found me on Yelp…

Thank you all.

I do have a website, which I won’t post a link to, because I’m not sure of the legality issues.