Promotion at Burger King?

I realize Burger King might not be up the the standards here, but we stopped there today. The crowns were mostly green in color. The paper cups had a purple Burger King logo and had green pickles plus a green finger decorating them.

The cashier had no idea why they had these unusual cups and crowns. Does anyone here know?

Halloween promotion? Purple and green are almost as Halloween now as orange and black.

To what; Burger Emperor?

It’s the green flavored slime, er drink they’re the exclusive purveyor of. Some kind of Surge or Sprite or something. I’m not brave enough to try it.

Not s huge ff burger fan but I do like BK because mustard! You can still order a mustard whopper.

It would be a special promotion here if they were open during regular business hours and had more than one person working in the whole place.

They are introducing their “Nightmare King” burger on Monday. They claim a sleep study has shown you are 3.5 times more likely to have a nightmare if you eat one before going to bed.

A Google image search for “Nightmare King” returns some promos that feature green hands.

The nightmare is how they got those hands - they’ve been going around the countryside, cutting off the thumbs of elderly gardeners, and later assembling them into fused hand-like entities.

Not to worry…the resulting hand-monsters are clumsy as hell, since they’re all…never mind, I’ll see myself out…