Prompt PGW payers penalized, parasites party!

In this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer, those who pay their gas bills are effectively being taxed to cover those who don’t. :mad:

A news article on WPVI-6 ABC affiliate (sorry, no link) explained that those who pay their bills on time are being asked to pay an additional $60~$75 a year to cover the deadbeats.

When the idea of coin operated metering was vetted years ago, advocates for the “underprivileged” raised hell, although this was common in the UK, and may be at present.

Why should a billpaying individual who (presumably) pays taxes which support social programs be banged twice? I have no problem with assisting the poor, but this is a flawed equation, IMHO.

Love the thread title.

Anyway, this is a phenomenon that is hardly unique to the utilities. Crime is just another expense that needs to be covered, and that means higher prices for the consumers who follow the law. If no one shoplifted, pretty much every small, easily pocketed item you buy would be cheaper. If no one robbed banks, they wouldn’t need to tack on all those service charges to cover their insurance. Everytime someone steals something, they jack up the prices of whatever it is they’re stealing for the rest of us.

This is why criminals suck.

So why don’t they cut off service for these bozos? I had my power cut off once, and it got me off my ass to pay.

I was very bad with paying bills promptly in my younger years, even though I had the money.

Until I had my power turned off…

Well, I don’t know about Philadelphia, but here in the Chicago area, turning someone’s heat or power off during the winter can result in corpsicles. So there’s a several month period where no matter how bad a deadbeat you are, you keep your heat.

Spring comes and THEN they shut you down.

I suppose you could argue that letting people freeze to death takes care of the deadbeats permanently, but we as a society don’t seem ready or willing to take that much of a hardline approach.

Just so! Theres nothing like watching your kids shiver in the dark to bring home the stern lessons of individual reponsibility and entreprenuerial spirit! Quite possibly the same slack-jawed yokels who whine about thier unemployment running out when a whopping 21,000 jobs were added just last month!

When will these people learn that America is not some socialist nanny-state, but an experiment in vigorous social Darwinism. A bonus! when poor folks freeze to death, they don’t start to stink until spring, and can be conveniently stacked like cordwood! Mayhaps I can enlist your support for a new hit comedy/reality show:“Lets Watch the Poor Folks Croak!”

Hilarity abounds.

Did I forget to mention I live in South Florida? :wink:

Yeah, I sometimes forget other places have this thing called “winter”.

Of course, Commrade E doesn’t offer any reason at all why the paying customers should have to subsidize the deadbeats. Using a service and not paying for it is low common thievery. I suppose you think that hungry people have a “right” to steal bread? Bah and humbug! Let them eat cake!

I live in Minnesota. We don’t have winter. Winter has us.

And that, elucidator, is why my mom’s husband got the hell out of Minnesota as fast as he could. He grew up near Thief River Falls. Egad. (I hear it’s a lovely area, but the winters are purest hell.)

I admit I wondered why these people still had their gas turned on, but I too have lived in warm places most of my life. I think freezing to death for not paying your bill is a bit much. I once lived in an apartment complex that threatened to evict me because my water bill was late, and that was bad enough. Bastards.

I dunno, pay your farking bill on time, and you won’t have such problems. The simplest solution is usually best.

Are you really a heartless asshole, or just stupid?

Well, I’m not stupid, so…

I must be an EVIL Republican!!!

In Soviet Russia, winter has you!

Slandering Republicans don’t get it, scooter. I know some perfectly humane Republicans whose ultimate goals are more or less similar to my own, we argue about the best procedures to accomplish those goals. I respect their opinions. And they would recoil in horror to be associated with an asshole like yourself, who can toss off a snide rejoinder when confronted with human suffering.

Don’t blame your moral bankruptcy on them.

The Universe is a cool and indifferent fact. The bad news is that love is all we have. The good news is: that’s enough, if we will have it so.

I’m serious here. Please tell me two things.

  1. Why should people receive heat if they aren’t paying for it?

  2. Even worse, why should OTHER PEOPLE be forced into paying for it?

If you have any answers to the above, especially #2, I am willing to listen, but I doubt you do.

I barely make $1000 a month, and I get my bills paid on time. It all depends on how well you manage money. I live on my own, which makes everything much easier (only having to feed myself), and rent isn’t even $500 a month (its a nice apartment though). I also don’t spend money on things I don’t need…usually. I can splurge every once in a while because I’m smart with my money the rest of the time.

You don’t have to have cable. As much as I miss it, I can deal with it’s absence. I will eventually get it, but not until I know I can easily afford it. Unless you’re going to school, you don’t need the internet…practically all libraries have internet access, and getting a library card is free.

Whenever I feel the urge to have a massive shopping binge, I just ask myself, “Do I really want to move back in with my parents?”

If people stop spending money on things they really don’t need, then paying bills for the crap that they have to have would be much easier.

Now, wait a minute - do you really think these people should get all of their utilities for free, even though people like you and me have to pay for them?

If these people can’t pay their bills, and they are in serious trouble, then there are programs they are eligible for that can help them get back on their feet. I understand that there are a lot of single parents who have to work multiple jobs JUST to pay for the things that are needed, but that’s why those programs are in place. It’s not a crutch, it’s a tool to get them self-reliant again.

The group of asswipes that I do have a problem with are the idiots who are more than willing to spend their money on partying, beer, expensive stereo equipment, cable, high speed internet, and other things they can live without that exceed their budget. No wonder they can’t pay their fucking bills.

God help me, but I have to side with milroyj on this one.
That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
But really, this seems like a deadbeat protection program. At the very least, customers who are delinquent should have to jump through some hoops rather than just be given until sping. You know, have to come down to the office and make some financial arrangements, show some legit reason why they are welshing on their agreement… or get cut off cold.

I don’t think it’s an issue of plain poverty. At least, not in a lot of cases. I think has more to do with people playing a system they know they can beat.

You think this is the case? And if you’re wrong?

Perhaps what is needed is someone to judge, someone to seperate the deserving from the undeserving. Are you qualified for such a position?

A giving hand is going to be abused. That’s a fact. Kind and humane people are taken advantage of every day, in a thousand ways. If you can’t handle that fact, then don’t go down that road, you’re not strong enough, and will only end up bitter and misanthropic - a net loss.

Is it rational, provable, is it like the Laws of Thermodynamics, I can take you into the lab and prove it? Nope. Will humanity and compassion make your life easier, give you more access to the bright shiny toys that make life worthwhile. Certainly not, it will add burdens. Worse, it will enslave you to a conscience that is never entirely satisfied, no relentlessly nagging spouse or parent could ever be its equal.

Will it bring you the delight of being envied and deferred to? No. Will attractive members of your preferred gender throw themselves at your feet? No. Then why in the world should you even try? I have no idea. I’m not even particularly good at it, being lazy and self-indulgent.

I have met people for whom it comes naturally, who are gentle, strong and kindly, and, tell you the truth, they piss me off. I can’t wait to find them out, to expose thier hypocrisy and/or foolishness, anything, however minor, that will give me release from shame and envy. How dare they! How do they dare just to be good?! It’s not fair!

Am I willing to afflict the comfortable in order to comfort the afflicted? Without so much as a moment’s hesitation. I won’t even ask if they deserve it. I’ve made my choices, you make yours.