Pronouns and idiot fascists

I would think that the NY Times and Washington Post have style guidelines that say articles should use the preferred pronouns of the person being referenced . . .

While not common, Mix is a surname.

"Dear Mx. Mix,

Regarding our conversation of Aug 25…"


I’ve known people named “Hon” and “Ho”. I bet in some part of the world someone is named “Miz”.


If Mr. Mister had formed in 2022 instead of 1982.

(Also, “Mister” is a legitimate English surname, since at least the eleventh century., so there are some actual Mr. Misters running around out there.)

Using the word “women” to mean both cisgender (ie, actual biological) women and transwomen (ie, men who would like to be thought of as women) is not a “simple linguistic shift” - it’s the direct basis for such things as:

  • biological men in womens’ prisons (any male prisoner at all who simply declares himself to have a female gender identity, with no need for any surgery or hormones) threatening rape (Edna Mahon prison), actually raping (Yorkshire,England; Clark County, Indiana) or having a history of rape (loads of places, but it’s now made it to my own home state of Victoria).
  • Women being prevented from having single-sex services, single-sex services including rape crisis centers being shut down or defunded (Vancouver rape relief, Sydney womens’ legal center, Bristol rape crisis center and so on)
  • Male predators going into womens’ unclothed spaces and getting women chucked out when they complain (WiSpa, Port Townsend YMCA etc)
  • The continued promotion of medicalisation to “transkids” including puberty blockers, while in the actual science-based reality-based world (Sweden, Finland, UK) they’re being rolled back because of their harmful effects and total lack of knowledge of the long-term consequences.

Now, probably most people here don’t know that this stuff is going on, because corporate left-wing media is now as much of an information bubble on this issue as Fox News is on whether Trump won the election. But while you’re all shaking your heads, mystified at how many people continue to vote Republican and “have their panties in a bunch” - well, you’re going to continue to be mystified until you realise that a lot of these people know stuff that you actually don’t.

This is a violation of rule 4 in our Guidelines for posting on transgender issues:

This is only a note, but any further misgendering will result in a formal warning.

Wow, you sure are quick to label transgender people “predators” as soon as somebody in a news story who objects to their presence accuses them of being “predators”, aren’t you?

I wonder how vulnerable you’d be to potential libel suits if you weren’t flinging these accusations around anonymously.

Suffice it to say that, although obviously I don’t disagree that transgender people can be sexual predators just like any other man or woman can, I have looked up a few of your (citeless) allusions to news stories that definitely are not described accurately by what you said. It’s not the non-transphobes who are in an “information bubble” here.

And I’m glad you acknowledge, say, Sweden’s recognition of transgender parenthood, where parental designations are assigned according to their legal gender identity rather than to biological sex at birth, as being science-based and reality-based:

I had a photo on my old phone. At the Jewish senior camp (I went as an aide) I used to attend, there was a nice sign in the men’s bathroom (I assume there was a copy in the women’s room) saying ‘Anybody who is in this room belongs here. If you have a problem with that, please take it up with the management’. It was a wonderful group of frum (religiously observant) Jewish hippies. They were selling copies of Straddling The Mezcihah (the mezcihah is the partition separating men and women in Orthodox services)- a book on transexedness and Orthodox Judaism. I was too broke to afford a copy.

I am very aware of what “stuff is going on” because i have a bunch of friends who are trans or non-binary, and a couple of my friends have trans children. And because i know a lot of what “stuff is going on” i am also aware that trans women have a higher risk of rape than cis women, and are even more in need of protective spaces than cis women.

And… In theory, anyone can sexually assault anyone. A friend of my mom’s was sexually assaulted in her dorm room by her cis female roommate. But in practice, the vast majority of sexual assault is committed by cis men. Trans women, are not only at extremely high risk of being victims, but are also under-represented among perps.

I also know a lot of adults who wish they could have taken hormone blockers when they were teens.

For fuck’s sake. Did you forget what board this is, or have you just forgotten the basics?

Anecdotes are not data. There are always nutters out there. You can’t just cherry pick them. I could easily pull up some black people who rape. Does that mean black people in general are predators?

Credible sources. You don’t ever just look at newspapers that are biased in a single direction. You either look for unbiased news sources (which would be neither left nor right leaning) or you look to see that the same information is covered in many sources. And if the news source tries to tell you how to feel, it is likely propaganda. The same if it’s telling you that the other news sources are all biased or part of a conspiracy.

Confirmation bias: You’re scared of a group of people for being different. You believe what you want to hear.

Look at the science: All the statistics show that trans people are less likely to be predators on the whole, and are far more likely to be the victims.

And the reason for that is because of the hate that gets spread here. The hate that you decided to defend. I would suggest you go back and read who you used to be, and find out why you’ve changed.

Because hating a whole group of people because of a few people? That’s the definition of bigotry.

Unpacking some more of Aspidistra’s lies and misinformation is pretty gobsmacking.

That apparently refers to this appalling incident where, allegedly, cisgender male detainees and inmates bribed a jail officer for the key to the housing area of female inmates whom they raped after using the key for access. AFAICT nobody involved with these horrific events identified as transgender in any way.

Using such a crime on the part of cisgender men to gratuitously smear transgender people and trans rights advocacy in general is a new low even for transphobes.

Yeah, because you’re flat-out lying about it. Sheesh.

Well, my mistake. It’s sometimes hard to keep the rapes straight in the current insanity.

However, Karen White identified as transgender, the men in the Chandler case identify as transgender, and the rapist in prison in Victoria identifies as transgender, so you can see how that’s an easy slip to make

It’s certainly easy to conflate rapists and transgender people if that’s the premise one starts with.

I believe you misspelled “Karen gets kicked out after verbally assaulting female employee who was never left unattended with a minor and accusing her of being a rapist because she had a deep voice”.

It is also worth noting that the number of trans people using their trans status to assault women (if not zero) is still significantly dwarfed by the number of self-righteous “Christian” transphobes who have, in recent times, harassed ciswomen in women’s restrooms by angrily accusing them of being men (and in several cases physically assaulting them), and that’s not even getting into the whole “corrective rape” thing transwomen have been prey to over the years. So those cherrypicking data to tar an entire demographic might want to consider what the same technique applied to their demographic might yield.

Sure. The woman’s a Terf. The male person watching little girls get undressed is completely normal. Got it.

Have some research then.

No male person was present, let alone “watching little girls get undressed”.

This person was doing their job in accordance with their rights under the law and Karen, who has a documented history of spouting hateful and abusive language at staff, had no right to assault her or make accusations.

The woman may not be a terf. There’s nothing there to indicate she’s a feminist, radical or otherwise. She is undoubtedly an asshole, however. And apparently “trans erasing” is part of her asshole schtick.