PROOF Camping is a fraud!!!

It’s times like these I regret that people are allowed to spend their money on whatever they choose.

Hmm, that didn’t sound as funny as it did inside my head. Fuckit, I’m not deleting it.

Camping proved he was a fraud when he preached only he had figured out the bible and the end of times. We did not have to wait for his prediction to fail.
The idiot is 89. All he had to do is push the date back 10 years and he would have been a loved prophet . He would not have to face the rancor.
When they start preaching , they want your money.

Is that from a real source? It sure reads like an Onion article.

With thousands more hits than it would have had had he not got the publicity this brought. Millions in free publicity is the name of his game.

Hey, mind your manners!

Just the snipe hunting.

Even better if the OP was black.

Wrong on both counts.

The actual home page dates from August, 2010. The frame dates from October, 2009.

It’s an old site. Probably resurrected from a backup tape.

Harold now says 5/21 was a silent judgement day. 10/21 is still the end of the world on which in the same day those already judged saved will be raptured.


It’s not a punt.

It’s a Hail Mary. :smiley:

It makes perfect sense to me. The man has figured out the bible better than anybody else in centuries. If he says it, it must be so. i will buy back everything and then resell it next December.
\ We been saved. Well for 6 months.

Poe’s law strikes again.

So if the judgement is over, sin does not matter for the next six months?

Whoa - whoa. Next thing you’ll be telling us there’s no such thing as a Left Handed Smoke Shifter.

I would love for Rev Camping to face the rancor. On the other claw, I’m not sure the rancor would want to eat him.

I just learned yesterday that I have a friend who held her breath in fear all day Saturday, and was relieved when 6:00 came and went and nothing happened. She then informed me that she truly and genuinely believes that she is going to be raptured up at some point. I find the absolute belief that it’s going to happen, coupled with sincere relief that it didn’t, rather incongruous. LOL

When I told her that with what I know of her loving G-d, as well as my knowledge of science, I felt confident she’d die of natural causes long before the world comes to an end, she very earnestly informed me that G-d is not just loving, but He is also wrathful, and perhaps when she comes for lunch next week I’d let her proselytize to me. :eek: :rolleyes:

G-d love her, she’s such a sweet lady. Too bad she’s a religious whackadoodle.

When, I was in the Boy Scouts someone who was sent out for one actually brought one back. Never did see a sky hook, though.

I’m relieved also. I thought our practice of sneaking out to a Holiday Inn as soon as the sun set would be exposed.

Well played, sir. decorous applause