PROOF Camping is a fraud!!!

Well, waddaya know. The charlatan has a brand spanking new website up with lots of fancy flash menus and graphics! The doomsday countdown is gone, no mention of the rapture (at least not on the home page) but you betcha the payment system is up and running!

And it’s ugly as sin.

So either he developed this elaborate website in the last 24 hours, or he had it ready to go before Saturday.

Darnit, I was looking for some elaborate conspiracy theory about how nobody has ever actually gone out into the woods and slept in a tent. :smiley:

I was actaully tempted to send an email to the fraudsters but decided thati’d just be feeding a troll

Yeah, I was wondering how you were going to argue that camping is fraudulent.

FWIW, I put ALL Doomsday predictors into the “fraud” category. No website needed.

Though, apparently most of the people at family radio didn’t believe in him. There is the possibility that the more responsible person in charge was preparing for the ouster of Camping once his prediction failed and the revamping of the radio station.

I was wondering about that myself… but I’m not the least bit surprised about the scam artist. I’m truly sorry for anyone who gives up their money to him.


Hah! Me too.

It’s worse than that. His entire site is built in FLASH.

Using frames! Surely the work of the devil.

I thought this would be about people who go “camping”, but never leave the safety and comfort of their huge RV.

Now THAT would be rapture!

Looking around in it, I think that web page is an old one rather than a brand new one. Clicking on “Family Radio News” on that web page gets you the Q4 2008 edition. Their “Radio Reading Circle” (under “Family Features”) is last dated 06/27/2007.

I’m guessing their webadmin just nuked the website that announced May 21 and replaced it with an old one as a placeholder until they could get their act together again.

Then again, I could be wrong, just like Camping! :smiley:

I knew all those guys with limp wrists and talking with a lisp couldn’t really be homosexualists!


Man, I was almost giddy with anticipation and I am actually kinda mad at myself for not seeing this shameless tactic of just changing the website, omitting all that Armageddon stuff and behaving as if nothing at all had happened.

What infuriating humbugs these self-aggrandizing idiots are.

It will still be interesting to see how this develops, me thinks, and how long before the next end-of-the-world date is announced.

They have to find a way to keep the donations coming in. Oops would implicate them in the Camping Trip-up. So they will pretend it never happened.

Well, he’s not a total fraud. Both the old and the new websites still have a place for [del]suckers[/del] [del] believers[/del] suckers to make contributions.

See, I was looking for a thread on how camping in first-person shooter games didn’t work. If you’d posted that thread on the Call of Duty forums there’d already be about 80,000 posts, most of them questioning the previous poster’s sexual orientation.

Reports are that Camping is flabbergasted.

Weird. They are disappointed that the world did not end . Hard to feel for people who thought they would be sucked into heaven while the rest would suffer horribly for 6 months. Fuck them.