Proof of alien life?

What!? Character flaw? Why you lousy, kumbaya-ing, commie-loving symbiote - how your kind ever evolved enough to crawl out of the stagnant pool you arose in, let alone travel out of your solar system, is beyond me. Everyone knows that parasitic aliens are the pinnacle of evolution. If we actually existed, we would be far superior to you hippie-like symbiotes.

That’s by far the best part. :wink:

Perhaps you can locate the rest of the derivation in your (or Google’s) records.

Add 90% more bragging about sleeping with underage Eastern European prostitutes on the cheap and you might have something.

I think it’s just wonderful that a child would know about double rainbows, and that the colors of the second rainbow are reversed - even if they did get the order of the colors wrong.

As for the rest, it looks like a child’s diary: The family is having a steak cookout (with grill marks) after a day of fishing from the washtub, and seeing Bigfoot leaving a big blue footprint.

More evidence appeared overnight. The fact that this occurred on another neighbor’s walkway is proof positive, irrefutable corroboration of the truth. Which is out there. The crude human face shown in a rictus of agony is clear evidence that this race of visitors regrets their involvement Biden’s theft of the 2020 election and 9/11. How anyone can see this evidence and still remain in denial us beyond me

I found, and bookmarked the post where I announced the SI unit to the whole world via the SDMB.

Unfortunately, the records of derivation, proofs, and analytical studies on the genesis of one “Just” of power fell into “The SamuelA Method of Science:” one heapin’ helpin’ of handwavin’ with little-to-no factual basis, but a sh*t-ton of comedy.

I’ll never aspire to that level. However, I will aspire to tearing into a Victory Bag of Cheetos, in remembrance of good times.

I dunno, I think it’s a representation of the shock-and-awe of one’s consciousness being uploaded to a collective server. The lower left representation demonstrates the partially complete process, while the top left illustrates a completed “Elevation” (hence the ‘E’).

At least I have the concept of a hypothesis straight in my head. Okay, okay, I’ll stop naming names.

You’re still one of my favorite Dopers. :+1:

You earned that Grand Prize, good Sir. You earned it.

If I see something that resembles orange fingers in the next photo, my suspicions shall be aroused. :face_with_monocle:

I thought it was self evident that the E was in reference to Enron. And/or Elvis.

Someone should send those pictures to Erich von Däniken. **
** I was surprised to find that that “ancient aliens” hack writer is still alive!.

You know Arcturians live much longer than humans, right?

Has anyone informed @Jim_B? He’s got a number of threads about aliens on this board, he might be interested to know there’s finally incontrovertible proof.

No, E is a proposed gender neutral third person pronoun which the aliens are clearly in favor of

How dare you call him a hack! Just because he has served prison time for fraud and embezzlement and even wrote a book from prison you dare question his integrity?!

Maybe it was a reference to Erick or Eric.
Not sure if it was about Trump’s son ** or Von Daniken, Hard to figure out who is the stupidest.
** Circa 2020: Alien: “Take me to your leader”… [Looks at Trump] … “I… err, his son?”…[Looks at the son]. With total despair the Alien leaves Earth, never to return.

If so that will be the sole service to Humanity that any member of the Trump clan has ever delivered on.

OTOH, with our recent luck, these would really have been the benevolent Good Aliens of SF fame who could have happily and willingly bumped our tech by millenia, erased human suffering, and all the rest. And the Trumply Nuggets sent them away. Drove them off more like.

Sheesh! We can’t buy a break!

I will continue to document evidence as it mounts. I’m writing a federal grant proposal to excavate these slabs so they can be housed under appropriate environmental conditions and effective security technology.

The lack of the bright green lines on this photo is irrefutable proof of a civilization far beyond our abilities to comprehend the impossible.

As evidence, I will link to a 96-hour series of YouTube videos edited in someone’s basement with a crappy mic that cuts in and out.

The proof isn’t actually mentioned in that series, something I’ll never acknowledge it’s another YouTuber with a similar first name, if “Jake” and “Michael” are similar.

Consider the simple explanation:

On the other hand, let’s not take all the fun away:

I think that this thread

Is all the proof you need. Cats are aliens trying to murder us all to prepare the way for the next wave.