Proof of alien life?

This is a picture I took of some mysterious drawings that appeared on my neighbors’ walkway. To me this is incontrovertible proof that alien life has visited earth. Of course if you don’t agree it’s up to you prove me wrong :man_shrugging:

I concur. That green circle and question mark are so intensely bright compared to the other markings. They seem to have an intense pigmentation and luminescence that is way beyond human chalk technology.

Input appreciated. The great thing about this board is that we have experts in so many fields, like HCT, who can contribute their knowledge and experience to confirming my bias.

I agree. I have sensed the Arachnids from Klendathu approaching, and the circled image clearly is their cockroach-bellied mothership.

The only good bug is a dead bug.

This is the most convincing evidence I’ve seen so far.

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^^^ This looks suspiciously like the same bright green alien chalk on the sidewalk in the photograph

Chalk is such an advanced technology and there is no way a species as primitive as humans could have developed it without the assistance of Ancient Astronauts.

Just to the right of the inhumanly bright question mark (Gah! this proves the Aliens speak our language, or at least know our punctuation!) you’ll notice a yellowish chalk drawing resembling a shallow bucket or tub.

There’s some oval sort of alien being climbing out from said tub. An near its upper right you’ll see a small assemblage of what looks like a cluster of twinkly pointy stars. Good Og Amighty! It’s a map of the Pleiades, but from a different point of view than the Earth!

Calm down, you can clearly see it’s just a weather balloon and some swamp gas.

I think it’s worth noting that the United States government has chosen to remain silent on this issue and hasn’t said this isn’t an alien artifact. Surely they would have done so if this was something of human origin.

Where’s your proof this is a parody thread?

I’m making it official with parodies.


It’s just a childish copy of a page from the Voynich Manuscript.

I can’t believe that all of you are missing the whole point of this fantastic image! But then, I am an expert UFOlogist and the rest of you are not. This is obviously the work of at least a Type II civilization that is capable of harnessing the energy of multiple stars. The diagram at the top is clearly a schematic showing a gigantic black hole (on the right) sucking a stream of energetic matter and photons from a triple star system on the left. The distortion of spacetime caused by the tremendous gravitational force of the black hole has bent the stream of matter into the rainbow-shaped form meant to represent an accretion disk, and the multiple colours are meant to represent the intense broad-spectrum radio emissions due to the highly energetic particles streaming through it. The strange device on the left is obviously the energy generator itself, seen to be connected into the matter stream, and probably capable of producing the energy of a thousand suns.

The rest of this extraordinary image, below the accretion disk and energy generator, is probably a schematic intended to show how the energy system works. Sadly, this civilization is millions of years more technologically advanced than we are, and it is doubtful that we’ll ever understand what they’re trying to tell us. We can only hope, should they visit us again, that they are kind and benevolent beings who will wield their coloured chalk in peace. I am trying not to think about that strange image on the lower left, which looks disturbingly like a planet exploding. I would suggest that if we come across any strange-looking creatures with an unusual number of limbs and antennae coming out of their foreheads, we should be extra nice to them, just in case. If they express a wish to take you to their saucer and examine you, just go along with it. You’re probably overdue for a colonoscopy anyway.

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Not at all, though I can see where one might get that impression. But note where I say that “… this civilization is millions of years more technologically advanced than we are, and it is doubtful that we’ll ever understand what they’re trying to tell us.” SamuelA, being himself millions of years more advanced than us due to his immense throbbing brain, would have no difficulty understanding what the aliens are trying to tell us, and furthermore, could have explained to us how the use of a black hole to harness the energy of an entire star is perfectly simple, and could be done today with existing technology. All we have to do is just follow his advice. :wink:

. . . which would be a perfect post in the mansplaining thread.

FWIW, I have used the definition of a “Just” at work, where 1 Just = √(-1) ∙ 3.762 x 109 nanoWatts.

Aaah, the memories.