Proof of name change.

My birth certificate lists my surname as “Jones”, my birth father.
While I was still a very young child my mother remarried and my mom and new dad unofficially gave me his surname (“Smith”), which I still use. When I joined the US Navy I had to sign some forms to enlist as “Smith”.
Anyway, I’m now in the process of retiring and need to link my birth certificate name to the name I now use to establish proof of my age.
My DD 214 is in progress but takes months to process.
Any short method to find such a record would be much appreciated.
BTW, I born in 1945.

My grandfather had a similar issue, he had to legally change his name to get it all fixed and get an amended birth certificate. It’s a cheap process and easy money for a lawyer. You probably could do it yourself, but you still need a court order to proceed.

I didn’t think of that. I’ll see what’s involved.

When I needed a birth certificate for my retirement annuity, I wrote to the PA dept of vital statistics (whatever it is called) and they, noting that the name on my birth certificate was not the name I wrote under, wrote back and said that if I could send them evidence that I had used my current name for at least ten years, they would issue a certificate in that name. Since I had never used my birth name since I was born–my father informally changed his name from an obviously Jewish name hoping it would help him get a job in 1937, the year I was born–it was easy. I photocopied some diplomas, passports both current and expired and the like and got the new certificate by return mail. Obviously, this is PA’s policy, YMMV.

Getting a passport was another matter. The passport office required a notarized affadavit from two people who knew me under both names. Fortunately, my parents were will still alive and they were really the only two people alive who did and the passport office accepted that. I have made sure to keep my US passport current in order to avoid going through that again. There is no one alive who could sign such an attestation.