Proof Read Your Publication Already! With a Minor Rant about Girl Scouts and Club X!

I’m going insane. Some freaking stupid Pensioners Insurance Company sent their monthly magazine out this week with our phone number in it. So all fucking day I’ve had people calling asking for me to post them a free brochure about accommodation in Victoria.

It shouldn’t have been our number in the magazine, the topic in question was nothing to do with us and now I’ve just found out that the brochure doesn’t actually exist. There is such a brochure in the pipeline but according to the powers that be it’s only in the idea’s stage.

So I’ve got no alternate number to give these people to call, they keep ringing and I’m about ready to slam the phone through the desk.

I spoke to the magazines publisher and they apologized for not checking but said that at least we are better off than the people in Tasmania. Apparently the number published for Tasmania is a private residence!

FUCKING HELL. Don’t you people proof read or at least check your facts (or phone numbers in this case) !!!

I’d plug the answering machine in but we are in the middle of planning a large event so every 4th or 5th call is actually relevant and needs to be answered.

And while I’m here - what’s with the Club X having a Girl Scouts uniform in the window? For those not in the know Club X is an adult store with such wonderful entertainment as $2 peep show’s. They usually have provocative clothing in the window - sexy lingerie etc but today what have we - A GIRL FUCKING SCOUTS UNIFORM!!! Hello pedophile.

Can your kitty answer the phone?

Why can’t you just give them the number of the insurance company? I’d definitely do that for maximum annoyance factor.

I couldn’t find the insurance company’s phone number to start with and then when I did do that the company had the gall to call ME and complain about my behaviour. Grrrr.

We are going to write a letter requesting free advertising to compensate us for waste of our time.

Re proofreading: Can’t share anything about such inconvenience, but I run the website for the provincial section of my political party, and let me say that it’s irritating enough when I find grammar, spelling, and style errors in English-language press releases I have to put on the website, but it’s worse when I find them in French ones. (I am the queen of dreadful written French; the person who writes them is a native French speaker. And yes, the errors are unambiguous matters of spelling and official party style.)

Re the girl scout outfit: Have you ever considered the possibility that an adult might like to dress up in such a thing for consensual roleplaying fun with a partner who is not a pedophile? Role-playing doesn’t make you your role any more than Agatha Christie was a murderer.

matt_mcl valid point about the girl scout outfit and role play. Just seemed very strange that they used it as window decoration instead of their usual leather/corset/fluffy teddy outfits. Might be because I don’t find girl scout outfits sexy - remind me too much of school.

I was going to post a reply involving the words “private school uniforms” but decided not to out of consideration for amatory harmony between me and Potter. :smiley:

Just thinking about those private school uniforms and remembered that the Club X is located about 3 blocks up from a Catholic Girls School. I know the school is trying to get the Club moved along with another strip joint which is only two doors from the school. Apparently they (the school) are worried the clubs will corrupt their young students.