Propane safety?

I use a propane torch for soldering and a few ofther things in my line of work. My torch getting knocked around in transport and on job sites has been an issue. I use a Turbo-Torch set up. A regulator attaches to the tank, this sticks out a few inches. Because of this it can get hit around. And costing a hundred bucks I don’t like that happening. I’ve been using a regular gas grill tank for the past year or so. When newer regulations came about I couldn’t get my older tall narrow tanks refilled. I found a smaller tank that can fit within a 5 gallon bucket. This works well for me because everything can be contained withing the bucket. Is I coil the hose it sets on top of the tank.(though I couldn’t get a lid on). I no longer have an issue of hitting the regulator.

The question now is because propane is heavier then air am I creating a potential hazard by doing this. ie if the tank or fithings leaked the bucket would fill with propane? Should I cut some vents or something in the bottom of the bucket?

Well, sounds like a good idea, so why not? Just drill a few holes in the bottom sides of the bucket.

If you’re like me, or a lot of guys I know, we use those buckets for lots of stuff. And have plenty of them. So one that does not hold liquid anymore shouldn’t be a big deal.

And, If you leave this in an open truck, you have drains for water.

If nothing else it’ll be nice to have those ‘drain’ holes if you leave it out in the rain. Just make sure you have some along the sides of the bucket as well. If it’s flat on the ground and the holes are on the bottom, it’s not going to drain anything.