Property Ladder Endings

The episode “The Feng Shui Flipper” was on Property Ladder yesterday and the house ended up being still being on the market when the show wrapped up production. Is there any way to find out if the house ever sold, and what the price was? I can’t find anything on TLC’s website, or any TV websites.

I know that there are no less than 12 of these Flip/remodel/sell this house shows. I was watching one of them the other night and I saw a complete idiot that ended up make about 75,000 in 10 weeks. I like property ladder because they seem to focus on the average Joe, and about half of the shows end with the people either losing money, or spending 6 months to make $1700.00

But I don’t know that I"m going to watch anymore because twice now the show has ended without the home ever selling. So I know that they went way over budget and everything went to hell, but come on Give me SOME way to find out how bad the final damage was!!!

I don’t know about that episode in particular but go read the Property Ladder thread at televisionwithoutpity. Some of the posters will actually research the properties and ferret out what they sold for.

Quite often they’ll go back to the flippers to find out what happened and do a show on them. I haven’t seen any returns for the Feng Shu guys though.

Seeing how these guys operated though, I don’t expect they had much success. They were another example of what NOT to do when doing a flip.

Thank you Tremorviolet, thats exactly the site that I was looking for. I haven’t had time to look through it, but as soon as I find the episode I’ll update everyone.

In case anyone is interested and missed the Ep, there was a partnership, one guys supplied the money and the other supplied the “experience”. The first guy believed that by using Chinese Numerology, Feng Shui and positive thinking they would be successful. He refused to do ANY manual labor, and while his partner and his friend were doing demo or working he was reading a book. He even refused to make a phone call, because that was manual labor. He was nuts about the numbers 2 and 8 and his plan was to spend 2 weeks and 12,280 doing this flip, he also hoped to flip a total of 28 houses this year. It was the year of the pig, so the house was full of pig stuff, and the name of the corporation they formed was Pig inc.

It was far and away the worst flip attempt I’ve ever seen. When they left off they had over priced it after having the open house with half the shit either missing, or with the old stuff still in it, and they were not even considering lowering the price.