Prosecutors (again)

Some of you may have noticed that I have an almost obsessive distrust of prosecuting attorneys. At the risk of turning myself into a one trick pony, here’s one of the reason’s why.

Y’know, I fully understand that there are prosecutors out there who are ethical, honest, and attempt to serve justice to the best of their ability. Why prosecutors who do this sort of thing are allowed to walk the face of the earth, let alone serve in a position of responsibility to justice, I will never understand.

So either these 2 girls did the shooting or they are protecting an unknown 3rd party?

That would be my assumption, and I wonder if it is too late in the day to haul them back into court on the grounds that they broke their plea bargain. I think that is the first option of two - the second, obviously, being the assumption that “We got the right guy, the jury blew it”, ala O.J.

I believe the first option would be appropriate, if it’s available. However, since they were convicted of second degree murder, perhaps double jeopardy prevails. I’ll be interested to hear the opinions of the lawyers around here on this.