Prostate, again

Having learned the difference between Kegels and Kugel, I am now worried that I’ll bulk up so much that the upcoming surgery may be impeded :rolleyes: Am also starting to tell people I’m becoming a Mormon in case I need to explain away special undergarments post surgery. And am picking out jersey colours for my new medical “team.” Anything else I should be doing?

Should we know what the hell you’re talking about?

You mentioned that you have prostate cancer in a previous thread about kegel exercises (apparently good for after the operation). Sorry to hear that you are going through this. We’re all hoping for a good outcome for you.

For every other man of a certain age, a few facts:

PSA test numbers are not a good indicator of prostate cancer, but doctors use them because reasons. There are two newer tests, possibly not widely available yet, that give more reliable results: one is PUR, a urine test, and one is called PARSORTIX system from ANGLE plc, which I guess is a blood test.

You should know, in case your doctor doesn’t, or doesn’t mention it to you, that there are external factors that can raise your PSA levels, including sexual activity and age. You can’t do anything about your age, but you can refrain from sexual activity for 72 hours before your blood test (including masturbation), especially if you are being re-tested because your number has gone up. Knowing this can save you from an unpleasant biopsy experience (or maybe your specialist won’t be a sadist like mine was).

There are two kinds of prostate cancer, apparently: aggressive, and slow-growing. If you have slow-growing prostate cancer, and depending on your age and other health conditions, surgery may not be advisable or necessary, although without surgery there will be more frequent need to check up on the progress.

Back to the OP: best of luck to you, mate. Please let us know how it goes.

Good advice, RF, and thanks for the kind thoughts! Could use help refining a version of the “Doc, will I be able to play the piano after this operation?” joke involving prodigious sexual acts.

Here is my story. And it is a good one.
My PSA was going up steadily over a couple of years. When it hit the limit, I was referred to the urologist. He did a biopsy after I did an MRI. It was not painful at all. (I like MRIs, but I’m claustrophilic.)

The cancer was not out of control, but advanced enough to make me want to deal with it. After researching it, I rejected surgery as too radical.

The options were external beam radiation therapy, which would require five trips for radiation over a period of six to seven weeks or brachytherapy, which involves the insertion of radioactive cesium seeds in the prostate. (Good American Cancer Society summary of radiation therapy here. ) The outcomes were about the same.

I chose brachytherapy, partially due to having access to an expert with a lot of experience. It is about a one hour procedure (you are out during it).

Outcome. No sex for a month, besides that no pain after the operation and no other side effects. No loss of anything. I did a PSA six months after the operation, it is way down.
Now it has only been done for 20 years or so, so they don’t have outcomes after that. But you should consider it.

This just in: bone scan and ct scan reveal cancer is contained to prostate, which is good news. For those wondering about US/Canada health care systems, as in a few threads here, there have been no costs to me for these tests, biopsy, etc. Some US websites I looked at noted that bone scan and CT scan were advisable, if patient could afford them. And since visitors and many elective surgeries are cancelled right now, even the parking was free and easy.

Good news. Definitely check out brachytherapy.
I’m on Medicare, with a plan that pays for co-pays, and I didn’t pay anything either. I had to wait until I was 65 for it though.
PM me if you want more details, and science the hell out of it.

Recovering from surgery, doc says all went very well, post op signs are good. Too early to tell, but doc says there’s a good chance I will “function like any man my age.” (63) My brother responded, “you mean driving in the fast lane at 30 mph with the left turn signal on?” :rolleyes:

Glad to hear it! Get well.

Thanks! New bad joke: “I’m so anti-state I had my prostate gland removed!”