prostitutes and pornstars

Okay, I’ve read some threads and understand why prostitution is illegal, but why isn’t pornstaring (or whatever you’d call it)? The only reason I can think of is artistic freedom, but if that’s true, can I video tape it and make it legal? What if I don’t pay for sex; just for her to leave afterwards? Can I video tape doing drugs and make it legal? Where’s the line here?

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IANAL, but:

That’s my understanding of it.

If you can convince a court that it was artistic expression.

As before, you have to convince a judge/jury what you were actually paying for.

This would likely be illegal. Sex isn’t illegal, unless you pay for it, display it to minors, etc. Drugs are illegal whether you pay for them or not.

actually a few years ago in L.A they had that argument since they madame was taping it and giving the customers thetake … she billed it as making your own amature tape … she sort of got away with it as she didnt get the usual prostie charges

they nailed her for a ton of money for not having the proper film permits and other official filming stuff

To add new information to the numerous posts made on this subject (thanks for the links Arjuna) it appears that making porn vidoes may be on the way out in LA as well. A number of adult filmmakers have recently been arrested on prostitution charges and it appears that the Los Angeles is ending its policy of toleration. While this change apparently coincided with the start of the Bush administration, I don’t know if it is based on federal pressure to local law enforcement or is a local initiative.