Protesters arrested at Kent State University: May 4, 2003.

The above-linked article is from the Kent State University newspaper. Yesterday, during celebrations of the 33rd anniversary of the shooting of anti-war protesters at Kent State University, police in full riot gear arrested anti-war protesters at Kent State University.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think this story should get more press than it has? I mean, this is Kent State, and the last time police arrested protesters, they were also overprepared. Full riot gear, dogs, rubber bullets, shields—is this really necessary? Sure, they didn’t kill anyone this time, but if for no other reason, the juxtaposition of dates would indicate that this story should be of national interest, I’d think. I only heard about it because a friend of mine attends Kent State and was on campus that day.

I’m thinking that this story just hasn’t had enough time to percolate, but I don’t know. The press hasn’t been too warm toward anti-war protesters in general. Thoughts, anyone?

Wow. And here I thought this was going to be a debate about whether or not the protestors should’ve been arrested or not.

More or less press coverage? Flip a coin.

Ah. So I see that John Mace is comfortable that the protests against the war are getting minimal attention in the media. His diffidence is truly stirring. America’s conservative media apparently sit very well with him. Very nice.

Anyone else?

What are you suggesting, Chance? Do you expect the police to go underprepared because of a date on the calendar?

Well, at least they didn’t shoot anyone. :slight_smile: Besides, anti-war protest at a college is a rather bland topic (unless someone is seriously hurt), and commonplace enough that I can’t see why the large news networks would want to devote their time to something as boring as a protest march.


Not so. The protests got tons of coverage before and during the war. If you hadn’t noticed, though, the war is over. Protests aren’t really news. Especially this kind, from your link, with my emphasis added:

“The rally, called a protest against the “U.S. War Against the World,” was aimed at a number of issues including the U.S. presence in Iraq and what protesters are calling global, economic and military imperialism”

Sounds like a protest for the sake of protesting to me and I’d say it got about as much coverage as it deserved-- more than it would’ve gotten had it taken place at any other college.

Chance the Gardener wrote:

Actually, it was the National Guard that famously shot up that previous protest, not the police. Bill Mauldin, the famous editorial cartoonist, commented that it was the first time he’d ever heard of the National Guard (of which he’d been a member before WWII) being given live ammunition.

And let’s face it, for the people under 40, which is the majority of Americans, Kent State is prehistory, if they’re even aware of it at all.