Protesting at Citi Field -- Legal Question

On May 20, there is an Orthodox Jewish protest against the dangers of the Internet. They booked Citi Field Stadium for the protest.

I’m joining a counter-protest.

How do we legally protest? Can we protest just outside Citi Field without a permit? If not, would we have a chance of getting a permit before May 20th?

How about posing your question to City Hall?


They’re not protesting against the dangers of the internet in a way that would force their opinions on anyone outside of the Orthodox Jewish community. This event they’re holding is for how Orthodox adherents of the Jewish religion should react/protect themselves from aspects of the internet that the Rabbis they choose to follow consider to be spiritually harmful.

What’s to protest?

Since this involves legal advice, it’s better suited to IMHO than GQ.

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The answer is “it depends.”

This page at the ACLU’s website is more helpful than theNYPD’s website, which seems to be down at the moment.

Have fun at your protest.