Protests in Anaheim After Gang Members Shot,0,170227,full.story

Where I live of all places… I hope the police are able to keep a lid on this riot. If police accounts are correct though both Acevedo and Diaz had it coming to themselves to be shot (considering one was firing at officers and the latter was reaching for something).

They’re rioting and starting fires and breaking shit. :rolleyes: Niiice.

As usual, Qin, you’ve helped us all out by giving a complete and fair-minded summary of the situation.

Unfortunately, many many events have shown that ‘If’ is not a minor thing. According to police accounts Rodney King and Amadou Diallo had it coming, too. Note that according to the linked article “Officers reported that Diaz tossed away items as he ran, but no gun has been recovered.”

I mean, if Acevedo was shooting at cops, well, hard to object to them shooting back. But when a kid running away from cops gets shot in the back, and the cops can’t find a gun, well, let’s just say it’s a little hard to tell what happened.
Zimmerman claimed he was justified in shooting a poor colored kid, too.

You’d think police officers would realize at some point “Hey, if we make a point of not lying, and not covering up for other police who lie, then maybe residents will start trusting us!”

My wife told me through skype that there were detours around Anaheim Blvd and Broadway. When she drove on Lincoln, she saw protestors throwing things at passing cars.

I wonder what the protestors are saying to drivers when they throw things at them.

At least it wasn’t a public poll titled “Should gang members be allowed to riot.”

“ROMNEY 2012!”

Angry about the police killings of two gang members, the protesters are looting, vandalizing, and smashing businesses. They also threw rocks at people and cars. Violently protesting violence. Yay, thug life.

I’ve volunteered at the City Library and apparently it is closed tomorrow and Saturday due to expected protests.