Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Japan?

I have heard that the anti-Semetic book Protocols of the Elders of Zion has been a long-time bestseller in Japan. While anti-Semistism certainly has shown itself historically in places where Jews seem to be rather rare, this seems like a “here-say” that could use some backing up. I could see how the publication could get to Japan, what with the WWII alliance with the Nazis (and I have seen substantiated claims of agreements that would have Japan send whatever Jews they had to the camps in Europe), but I want to see evidence or some research into this topic.

Any other pointers to related research would be appreciated, as well.

Thanks for your help.

Perhaps see if you can track down work by Masami Uno, referred to on this page:

More on Japanese writers using the Protocols in this page on anti-Semitism worldwide.

Thanks for the input. The last reference was very interesting.

Any idea where to find some nubmers, i.e. sales reports for publications, or even the name(s) of the modern publishers?

Any idea how why the Jews are a target for hatred in Japan, of all places? Maybe this is a question for the Great Debate posts…

Actually Japanese officials and intellectuals not only missed the hoax of this work, but missed the negative implications towards Jewery, becoming big fans of these financial geniuses and their well-devised schemes for global domination. The Japanese were early supporters of Zionism and even brought over some 17,000 Polish refugees (mostly peasants) in hopes of gleaning their banking expertise during WWII. Check out The Fugu Plan. The book is less than rigorous as history, but you’ll get the idea.