Prove the big bang...

I dare you to prove the big bang!

You cannot do it! You were not there!


Then explain this picture that my great-great-great-grandfather, who was there, took.

ETA: Prove anything other than your own consciousness exists and that your brain isn’t just kept alive in a jar somewhere having vivid and sensory hallucinations.

I also cannot prove that the Circle K on my corner was built by men and not firebreathing robots.

I mean, really. I wasn’t there. darts eyes

We’re here, aren’t we? Ipso facto, bigo bango!

Prove God made the world in six days.

You cannot do it. You were not there.
See? Works both ways.

But…I can’t prove the Big Bang! I feel as if my whole world, all of my assumptions, are crumbling around me. All of the sudden, I feel the need to let Jesus in my heart. All from a drive-by post on a message board!

Thanks, lightwait.

I WAS there and I saw it!

I dare you to prove that I was not!

Oh, you mean the Big Bang Theory?

What would find to be an acceptable standard of proof?

All of existence is nothing more than my own thoughts projected upon the inner surface of a windowless monad that contains my essence. You cannot prove that I am wrong.

Of course I can’t. I’m nothing more than your thoughts projected upon the inner surface of a windowless monad that contains your essence. How would I be able to prove anything?

I make-a bang. She very very beeg.

I call her the beeg bang.

I do not think you’re disproving what you think you’re disproving, lightwait.

Prove the Bible was written by God and not by:

  1. …a cabal of sweaty, paranoid believers trying to control a dim-witted illiterate populace
  2. …fire-breathing robots
  3. …a government conspiracy involving Johann Gutenberg, King James, Ice Cube, and Dr. Theopolis from “Buck Rogers.”
  4. …the Freemasons.

It can’t be proved. However, there is more evidence (this is easy to understand Evidence-Lite btw) for the Big Bang than there is that god simply created the universe out of nothing (afaik the only ‘evidence’ for which is the bible). There is a LOT more evidence for the Big Bang and for Evolution than there is for a magician god conjuring fish out of thin air.

So, since no one here claims to be able to ‘prove’ the Big Bang THEORY, I guess the ‘debate’ is done?


Lightwait, is this the best you can do? You honestly think that you’re doing the Lord’s Work this way?

The thing you don’t seem to realize is that theology, philosophy, and science have been wrestling with these sorts of problems for thousands of years. The odds that you’ll come up with a brand-new stumper that will leave the atheists flummoxed is pretty low. And you don’t seem to realize that if one accepts your argument, it undercuts theism just as much as atheism. You weren’t there when God created the Universe, were you, so how do you know he did it? Prove it! You weren’t there when Jesus was crucified, so how do you know he was crucified? Prove it!

This is an argument for solipsism, not theism.

They’re telling the truth. I know since I installed the windowless monad upon which sturmhauke projects thoughts of Taber.

How come they gotta be sweaty? Eww.

I had to go look up “monad”. Thanks.

Because it’s very hot in the MidEast. You’d be sweaty, too.